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Looking for someone who can read Chinese

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I travel to SF from time to time for business. I spend a lot of my free time exploring the local restaurants, parks and shops in Chinatown. I am looking for someone is able and willing to go to You's Dim Sum either at 937 Stockton St or 675 Broadway (near Stockton) and translate their menu. I asked for an English menu and they said they don't have one. The women do not speak much English and are too busy with customers to take a lot of time trying to communicate in broken English. The dumplings were really good, but I'd like to be able to see what else they offer. (I know that there are better dim sum places in Chinatown, but I really like this place and it fits my budget.)

If someone is willing to do this, I will edit, format, annotate and post the translated menu, with credit to the translator, to Chow, Zagat, TripAdvisor, etc. I will also give them a stack of copies of the menu in English the next time I go there. I have done Google searches, and there appears to be no existing translation of their menu online.

Since the people who work there don't speak English, the translated menu probably should have the Chinese name of each dish listed with the English translation.



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  1. Hi Art, if you could upload a copy of the Chinese menu where others can view it, that might help get a response. Is there a take-away menu or are you referring to the overhead menus posted on the wall's at You's?

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      I didn't see a take-away menu. All I saw was the menu on the wall.

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        If you have a digital camera, take some good pictures of the menu, link it to flickr or some other photo share where it can be enlarged and still legible, and perhaps I or others can help.

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          Thanks. Hadn't thought of that. Next time I'm in SF, I will get the photos in hi res and upload them. I will start a new topic thread at that time.