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Aug 10, 2008 10:01 AM

Korean Central Market - Edmonton?

Has anyone been to this (new?) store yet? What is it like?

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  1. Not familiar with it. Can you tell us more?

    The only Korean store I have gone to is one down toward Millwoods run...not a Mr. Kim. I was interested in learning how to make bul kalbi and a Korean acquaintance suggested this spot. It was quite funny actually as initially virtually no one could speak English and I have no facility in the Korean language.

    Thank goodness a younger Korean gal came in and helped me translate.

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      It's on 34th Avenue near 93 Street (across from the New Asian Village). It's got a brand new red banner outside, which makes me think the business is new.

      A good friend & I have been enjoying gathering korean things from some other korean grocers (one on Parson's road, another next to Korean Village restaurant) but none look as big as this one looks from the outside.