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Aug 10, 2008 09:52 AM

Looking for a recommendation in Gaithersburg or Kentlands

My old childhood friend is visiting us from Paris and they're staying at Crown Plaza in Shady Grove. They've been to our home for dinner but want to have dinner near their hotel next time. She and her husband have an eleven and a seven year old who are very well behaved. I was thinking of Buca. Does anybody else have any other ideas?

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  1. There are a ton of recommendations if you do a search for Gaithersburg, but why would you take them to a mediocre chain if they've come all the way from Paris? If you're sticking with Kentlands, why not try Tandoori Nights? It's not the best Indian out there, but it's a beautiful dining room and the food is totally acceptable.

    1. Their hotel is about as close to Rockville Town Square as it is to the Kentlands (10 minutes). Why not take them to one of the non-chain restaurants there? La Canela is a very good Peruvian restaurant; Bobby's Crabcakes is a very informal, very good Maryland experience; Oro Pomodoro is a pleasant Italian restaurant. Also, the best Italian restaurant in the area, Il Pizzico, is even closer (5 minutes or less drive from their hotel). It's a non-chain, family-oriented place. This would be my top recommendation. Just know that it's in a strip mall, so the exterior is not very appealing; inside is a warm, friendly, very nice restaurant.

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        Yes! you're absolutely right. Rockville Town Center would be so much better than all the chains in Kentlands. I've been to ilpizzico, thanks to this boards recommendations, and loved it but I think it would be a too grownup for the kids. Bobby's Crabcakes would be a very good Maryland experience indeed. Thank you.

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          Sounds great. But probably too noisy and crowed to go with kids. I'll try it some other time. thx

        2. rockville town center is nice. I love Sushi Damo, there is Austin grill for pretty good tex mex, the thai restaurant is good, Bobby's crab cakes are good, the Salvadorian restaurant is getting great reviews, you can eat outside, people watch and let the 7 y.o. run around in the square if he gets restless. Plus, gifford's ice cream for desert. Sounds like the best choice. Another option is Rio where there is a lake, Rio Grande Cafe is consistantly good, Red Rock Canyon and California Pizza Kitchen are there, although all are chain restaurants, they are reasonable, they are consistantly good and it also is a nice area to walk around, people watch etc.

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            1. I have lots of suggestions. I guess it depends on what kind of food you have in mind....
              Fajitas at Guapo's (Gaithersburg)
              Kebabs at Mayhan (Gaithersburg)
              Sushi at Niwano Hana (Rockville)
              BBQ at Urban BBQ (Rockville)
              Chinese at Tony Lin's (Rockville)
              Greek at Original Ambrosia or Cava (Rockville)
              Pizza at Giuseppi's (Gaithersburg or Rockville)

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                urban bbq sounds good too. Very American. The kids will probably like that. thx