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Delicious on the Slope

A few chowhounds have mentioned this place in passing, although it has ever had its own thread. It's an odd place (non-kosher mixture of Israeli food, Jewish deli food and some Yemenite dishes) in an odd location (residential side street). A few hounds praised the food, and I remember one saying that the schnitzel was the best s/he ever had. Some people said the prices are too high, but that the portions are huge, so you can make two meals out of them....

Well, I ducked in for a quick lunch on Friday in the middle of that weird brief rainstorm. Had falafel and a roasted eggplant salad, which were both great. (Not babaganush, but soft chunks of eggplant with a tomato-ey sauce.) The pita was fresh baked and awesome! The service was pretty bad, though, especially considering how empty the place was. (On a somewhat comical note, when I asked if the Reuben sandwich had sauerkraut, the waitress had not even HEARD of it!)

All in all, I think the food is worth checking out. But in such an odd location and with such mediocre service, I'm afraid the place isn't going to make it. Anyone else want to add their two cents?

Delicious on the Slope
641 President Street (bet. 4th and 5th Aves.)
(718) 399-3999

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  1. Just had brunch there this morning. Our 2nd time after a very nice experience a few weeks ago. This time, a new waitress with very poor English definitely fit the "mediocre service" bill. She truly did not understand what we were saying (i.e., I'll have the lox omelette). She came back and asked for clarification but when the food came, one order was correct, the other was the lox platter, not the omelette. She came back a moment later sort of arguing that maybe I did not order correctly. The food was fine and an incredibly good value. They also give you lots of small plates gratis, which is a nice touch. Nevertheless, if they are going to survive they need to offer friendlier service!

    PS I noticed that they post their Chowhound reviews on their front door; so they are definitely reading their reviews.

    1. I pass by it on the way to the subway every morning. Haven't tried it yet, but when I saw it was coming I figured the location would be a recipe for disaster. I can't imagine it can survive too long. It ain't getting drop-in traffic. What kind of crowds were there?

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        I was the original poster who spoke of the sublime schnitzel. I have been back numerous times and have tasted many, if not most of the items on the menu. Right now, I am really into the shakshuka (eggs baked in a spicy tomato/pepper sauce - especially delicious with the homemade hot pepper schug) and the feta beigele (like a grilled feta cheese sandwich on something that vaguely resembles a sesame bagel, but not exactly.) Also love the Ice Coffee, which is blended with ice like a frappe, and the free falafel "amuse bouche" that comes with every order and nearly fills me up.

        I also agree that service is their achilles heel. The place was quite crowded the last time I was there - which made me very happy, as I have been afraid that it would close - but it took forever and a day to get served. I should add that the service has been perfectly fine other times. But consistency counts, and one always remembers the bad experiences more than the good ones.

        The bottom line is I think they are trying hard to find their way. I've gotten to know the owner a bit and have found him receptive to many of my (totally uninvited) suggestions. They've done some construction and changed the configuration a bit, and also printed new menus, so I think they are committed to staying the course. I think this is a classic chowhoundy-kind of place - the food is delicious, authentic/vaguely exotic, and a terrific value. Hopefully, the kinks in the service will be worked out....

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          Did this place close? We just moved down the street and haven't had a chance to try it yet. It's had brown paper on the windows for over a week now.

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            I am hoping that they are just remodelling...but it doesn't look good...now I feel bad that I didn't post about this place, I dropped by a few months ago on a very hot day and the two guys there were really gracious and obviously trying to win me over...while I was waiting for my takeout order they asked if I wanted water or lemonade...it was hot out that day...I said no, I was fine. But the guy in the kitchen came out with a icey cold lemonade...they make it with lots of mint and some zest, it's DELICIOUS. That time it was not frozen, but usually they freeze it and serve it to you in a big hurricane type glass. After he brought it out he said "you deserve it!" and went back into the kitchen. Nice touch! The food is good, I love the free falafel appetizer, very very nice, fresh and crisp and ungreasy. Humus very good and roasted eggplant very good. My husb and I went back and had lunch, both had sandwiches which were huge and overflowing...I had a tuna with hard boiled egg creation which also had roasted eggplant in it...tasty but it kept me full for the rest of the day. In any case, I hope they do open up again, I feel like the decks are stacked against them with that location, but I think their hearts are in the right place. Incidentally I was told it was Israeli food by what I thought was a manager...

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              I hope they didn't close. I was dying to try the brunch there. My husband and I went their during their "soft opening". Sad thing, is I avoided going there because of their killer egg creams. They were better than Junior's. They also were one of two places that I actually liked the chopped liver.

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                Hopefully they're just retooling.

                The one time I went there the service was bizarre - the waiter hardly spoke English and had to ask the owner - who speaks perfect English - what I had asked.

                Also, the enormous velvet curtain just looked tacky, and it was designed to look like an ice cream parlor.

                But the food - I ordered kibbeh and a Yemeni pancake that was served with both a spicy dip and maple syrup - was fantastic.

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                  Drove by yesterday and saw a sign in the window saying they were reopening!!!! Does anyone know what's going on??
                  My family has been despondent since they closed.

                  1. re: Fay

                    i'm happy to report that they are reopening tomorrow.

                    i walked in tonight and peeked in.
                    i couldnt see much, but it didnt look particularly different.
                    not sure if the menu has changed, etc.

                    anyway, they told me they were opening tomorow.

                    1. re: Get In My Belly

                      Yes, they have reopened, and I think it looks nicer. Unfortunately the menu has COMPLETELY changed. They are no longer an israeli restaurant. The menu is full of bar food (chicken wings etd), burgers, attempts at french food, but no glimpse anywhere of felafel or hummus. Oh, and they have several flavors of milk shakes. I'm kinda bummed about it. Of course maybe these items are well executed, I don't know. I wonder if someone else has taken over.

                      1. re: prunefeet

                        Location, location, location.
                        In the case of Delicious on the Slope, their location was a distinct disadvantage. Except for those who live on the block, few know of the joint's existence.

        2. Maybe the retooling was the problem. I don't know, but one way or another this place is totally off the list.

          Strike 1) They have a little gadget on their website (which is where one would normally go to examine the menu prior to delivery) which takes orders online. I place my order, pay with a credit card, and feel pretty good about it. About 30 mins later I think maybe I should double check so I call. The gentleman there informs me that there little order taking website gadget doesn't work, has never worked, and that he doesn't even know where someone working there might access the email account this information goes to. Awesome. Needless to say there's no disclaimer on the website indicating that this order taking function is totally nonexistent. So like an idiot, I place my order with him over the phone (at this point, it's that or frozen pizza).

          Strike 2) The food comes reasonably quickly and I think it may be OK. When I open the container holding my "medium rare cheeseburger on a brioche bun" I discover that it's actually a very rare burger on a crappy grocery store, sesame seed, very much not brioche, bun. Believe me, I'm happy to eat a decent burger on a regular old bun, but if you advertise brioche, you better damn well have something that at least has a colorable claim to being brioche. This thing? Not so much. And if you're going to ask how I want my burger cooked, cook it the way I order it. I know that meat cooking isn't an exact science and that one man's medium rare is another man's rare is another man's medium well. But this was a bloody, very rare, damn near raw patty presented as medium rare. It was outside the range of plausible disagreement-they just screwed up.

          Strike 3) My wife's chicken BLT on seven grain bread was terrible. When I see the words "seven grain," plain old crappy wheat does not leap to mind, but that's what the bread was. Beyond that, the chicken was super dry, the lettuce wilted, and the tomatoes flavorless, unripe crap. Yes, it's December and decent tomatoes are hard to come by, but these were exceptionally bad-even for out of season offerings.

          The worst part (call it strike 4) was that the whole affair was not cheap! If I go into a crappy diner and pay six or seven bucks, I don't expect much. But if I'm paying thirteen or fourteen dollars for a burger and fries or a sandwich and fries, it better at the very least contain the ingredients advertised.
          I called them back and had them come back and retrieve my uneaten atrocity of a burger and give me my money back, so I wasn't out anything but time in the whole affair. But do yourself a favor and avoid this place and save yourself the same headache.