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Aug 10, 2008 08:31 AM

Young, pink Ontario lamb

We reeeaaaalllly dislike NZlamb (the smell and taste) and so I am always on the hunt for Ontario lamb (young, pink, good quality). Anyone want to share their source. I checked the SLM meat place (name escapes me, by the stairs Witt...) and we were not that pleased. Plus, many of their cuts are seasoned and cryovacked.

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  1. Cumbrae's sources their lamb very carefully, usually S.W. Ont., but sometimes Q.C.

    A lot of people like the fresh Australian lamb at Costco, so that may be worth a shot.

    1. Try Bruno's expensive but good. Costco is now selling US lamb which has a stonger flavor than Ontario lamb but it's interesting.

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        I second Bruno's, have had good Ontario lamb from there. The St Clair Market has good lamb too (I know it's really a Loblaws but the butcher is good.)

        1. Highland Farms and some Loblaws meat counters carry Ontario lamb but at a price. As others suggested, Costco is worth a look, too.

          This item might also help:

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