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Aug 10, 2008 08:10 AM

Blue Point Grill, Princeton NJ

Fish, fish and more fish. If you want fresh seafood, simply prepared this is the place for you. We have been here many times but have not seen much discussion on the CH board.
Some background: BPG is extremely popular, they do not take reservations and a tranquil late afternoon meal can be very chaotic in just a couple of hours or so.
Weekends are worse than weekdays but it is always busy. I believe you can call ahead during the week.

After an afternoon of touring around we arrived at BPG around 5:00, the outside seating was nearly full, the inside about 1/3 full.
We enjoy outside here and yesterday was beautiful. Service no matter how busy is always top notch. There are several servers and helpers that ensure water is always filled, food arrives at normal intervals etc.

The menu is large and boasts a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood (you can buy from their fishery next door).
Some of the fresh selections include 9 different oysters on the half shell, Mahi Mahi, Redfish, Tuna, Arctic Char, Australian Barramundi, Sable etc, as well as several shrimp, scallop and lobster preparations.

Fresh bread and butter is served when seated. For starters we had salads. DW had spinich and crab salad which also included some grated cheese and cloves of roasted garlic in a lemon vinaigrette and I had the warm goat cheese salad which was 2 large discs of goat cheese with dried cherries, candied pecans in a balsamic dressing.
Both salads were flavorful and a good way to start.

From the large selection of entrees we selected:
The nightly mixed grill which was Wild Keta Salmon and Nova Scotia Halibut, dinner comes with choice of potato, sweet potato and coleslaw was selected with this entree.
I was thinking scallops as they are great here. I noticed a new preparation, Proscuitto wrapped Scallops with Port glaze. I choose garlic smashed potato and coleslaw for the Scallops.
Both entrees were perfectly cooked, simply prepared with touches of lemon and capers (Halibut) and herbs and lemon (Salmon) allowing the flavors to come through.
Scallops were rich and the glaze was complimentary, not overpowering.

If you go to the BPG on a Saturday be sure to go before 6:00 to be certain to beat the craziness. We had a very leisurely dinner and left at 6:30 and there already was a substantial wait.
Enjoyed a very nice August West Pinot Noir with dinner.

Here is a link to their website but be aware that the menu changes often and the one online is very different than the menu I took yesterday when we left. Many more selections on the daily menu that is given out.

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  1. Great review tom!

    We also enjoy BPG a lot and frequently go early, during the week, to avoid the ever present crowds. I'd recommend the grilled whole Bronzini. Also, for first timers, note it’s BYOB here. There are two wine shops within a block or two in either direction on Nassau Street that have a descent selection of chilled whites available.

    BPG’s done a great job keeping the consistency at a very high level over the years. We only wish they'd drape some sailcloth in the ceiling to help with the noise level. But we're more than willing to talk a little louder to enjoy the FRESHest fish in town!!

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    1. re: Foody4life

      Going early is the smart move, it is actually very noise free for the first couple of hours. Also another great reason to take advantage of the outdoor patio.
      Never noisy out there and they have a small band playing some nice dinner music.
      We go early then head to the theater, movie or sporting event or go there early after being out browsing during the afternoon.

      Just counted 23 fresh fish off last nights menu (not counting the shrimp, scallops, bouillabaisse. paella etc) and they are all distinctive, fresh and flavorful.

      Just to be fair, some people don't like the simple and deft touch that BPG has with the fish and seafood and would rather a more complex preparation or heavily sauced but we like it as is!

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      1. Great review Tom...we haven't been since last summer, and we too enjoy a night outside there. Last time we were there, we sat next to a couple with a '97 Insignia. When I asked the guy how it was drinking, he acted as though it was just OK...and here we were with a bottle of Alma Rosa pinot finished in a screw cap! LOL! -mJ

        1. Went there again last night. Great as usual.

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          1. re: Paul N

            I used to feel BPG was just so-so, but my husband and I had a fantastic meal there a few weeks ago. A nice bottle of Reisling from the store down the street went very well with my raw oysters and shrimp stuffed with crab meat and my husband's seared scallops. Service was excellent. We definitely saw BPG in a new light after that meal.

          2. We went for the first time last Monday night for dinner. We arrived around 6:30 and were seated immediately. The service was slow, but I think that was isolated to our waiter -- the other waiters seemed to be hustling and tables seemed to be getting turned at a reasonably rate. Our food was very good. I had the trout and my wife had the mixed plate of salmon and branzino. I thought the pricing on her entree was a bit steep, but the food was good. I liked the sweet potato that came with my entree -- you just don't see enough baked sweet potatoes on menus, if you ask me. All in all, it's a busy place, so go early or be prepared to wait, the food is very good, the prices are a tad high, and I cannot make any broad statements about the quality of the service after just one visit with an inattentive waiter. We'll go back.

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            1. re: glutton

              Nice report, you are so right about going at the right time as even during the week BPG usually fills up.
              The ourside dining can be a nice option. My wife loves the baked sweets and would not even consider other starch options.
              Too bad about the service, even though it can get very busy, sevice for us has always been top notch.

              1. re: tom246

                I think we just had a bad waiter -- the rest of the tables seemed to be getting fine service. Next time, I will have better luck, surely.