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grant.cook Aug 10, 2008 07:28 AM

Does anyone have a recommendation for what/where to buy in terms of kitchen wall shelving. I'd like it to hold mixing bowls, commonly used prep stuff above a work surface, with less-frequently used items like casseroles and small electrics on the upper shelves.

My initial thought was 2 36" or 48" wide chrome wire shelves, with possible a wire mat between them. Metro seemed to have some nice direct-wall mount items. Their overhead track stuff seemed a bit much for my kitchen. Eagle seemed to also have a nice product in their Walstor line.

I was interested in user experiences and vendors that might be good to deal with. I called a local shelving vendor, and the price was good, until one had to add in drop-ship shipping from the factory.


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  1. l
    lcool RE: grant.cook Aug 11, 2008 05:58 AM

    Have some from Costco,The Container Store,Wine Enthusiast and a local restaurant supply.Would replace it all without a change.100% satisfied.Watch for deals;4 shelves 5th one free etc,free shipping.Be sure to check the tare weight rating,per shelf and unit.
    I have two ratings,half of mine is for cases of wine @17k each X 20 per is a lot of weight.Pantry stuff isn't nearly so heavy,you can save a little maybe.

    1. paulj RE: grant.cook Aug 11, 2008 07:55 PM

      I like the kind of shelving that hangs from a rail that is screwed to the wall near the ceiling. Slotted verticals hang from this, and hold the shelf brackets. The set in the kitchen has wire shelves, in the pantry wood. I have pot hangers under the wire shelves.

      In both locations I chose this approach because it combines a wall mount with flexibility. I can remove or reconfigure the shelves without having to unscrew anything from the wall.

      I looked at this design at both Storables and hardware stores, going with HD for price.

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