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Aug 9, 2008 04:30 PM

Best of the Cape

Second you on the "Edible" publication, and it's online too. I have to give thumbs up to a little place on 6A in the area of the Dennis/Brewser line..called TJs or JTs (not Finely JTs) - very cute, immaculate, and I had some of the sweetest scallops ever. This was in late Spring. It has outdoor seating and cute, vintage oilcloth tablecloths inside.
Also, these aren't restaurants, but local farmstands - Crow Farm in Sandwich - awesome corn and lots of other goodies that they grow. Kudos also to Sprout Farm in Mashpee (near Roche Bros and a wine shop for all the rest of the good stuff you'll need ;-). Lovely little potatoes, baby onions, greens, corn and tomatoes. And let's not forget the Farmer's markets...

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    1. Mimicri- Do you have particular farmer's markets that you recommend?

      Good things on the Cape-
      Pain D'avignon- fabulous bread, croissants and pastries, now have their cafe open at 15 Hinckley Road Hyannis (off Rt 134 at the Pizzaria Uno)

      Second- Crow Farm on Rt 6A in Sandwich their apples are amazing!!

      In the Falmouth area there is Andrews Farm and Coonamessett Farm. Definitely if you are into picking get a membership to Coonamessett Farms- great lettuce, tomatoes, berries etc

      Joe's Fish Market in the Sandwich Marina for most fresh fish and shellfish (just watch out for his smoked bluefish-I have had it mold the second day) and if you want they will boil the lobsters for you

      Osterville- Bush Garden has great corn. They get it from Rochester and it comes in around noon.
      Fancy's market for meats and sandwiches in the Mid Cape area. A little pricey but it is Osterville after all!
      We like the Clam Chowder from Wimpy's and get it from their take out area.

      Just a few of our favorite places for provisions on the Cape.

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        I've only been to the mid-Cape market so far but they had lots of good stuff from local people, including Pain D'avignon. For smoked salmon, there are reps from Nantucket Wild Gourmet. If I liked smoked salmon I know i'd have liked theirs. I almost liked it anyway! Here's a recent article about them:

        I went to Bush Gardens today...they had local tomatoes for 3.50/lb and what they called "damaged" tomatoes for .99/lb. During checkout, one of my local tomatoes was pronounced damaged (minor bruise) ;-). The woman at checkout then asked me if she could put both types in the same bag! Nice place.