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Aug 10, 2008 05:38 AM

How to wash Chemex Coffee maker?

Hello Hounds,

I just got a Chemex coffee flask but the package didn't include washing instructions.

Am I suppose to remove the wood "brace" and leather tie? Or, do I wash the entire thing intact?

Is it dishwasher-safe or must it be handwashed only?

I assume that regular dish detergent is fine.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Always take off the wood handle - we handwash ours in the sink with regular dish detergent, and sometimes use a brush to get down into the little "feet" at the bottom.

    1. I too, struggle with this very dilemma! What I have found that works Ok, is one of those flexible decanter brushes -- the foam ones. I haven't found anything that works really, really well. Let me know if you do!

      1. On the CHEMEX product list CMB-U,is a brush.I don't use it.At $18.00 + I'll pass.I use
        a long foam decanter brush and,or a nylon sponge on the end of a long wooden fork.
        Also we keep ours covered with a condiment dish or "shower cap"style bowl cover.I have never used any other filter coffee maker,have never owned a CHEMEX accessory.
        Both parents had one prior to meeting in 1940,seems it was a lasting deal clincher. 1-800-243-6399 24/7 fax 1-413-443-3546

        CMB-U 16" brush w/bristles

        1. Yecch, dish detergent and coffee! I've always used a sanitizing product called B-Brite (got it at the homebrew supply shop) for my glass coffee presses, Bodum vacuum pot, and electric coffeemakers. Just be sure to HANDLE WITH CARE AND RINSE VERY WELL--B-Brite makes glass *very* slippery! And very clean. I've also used a citric acid solution (powder also sold at the homebrew place) or plain ol' vinegar and water. But no soap. I'd also take off everything that's not glass (i.e., wood, leather) and just give it a wipe-down with whatever cleaning product you're using.

          Happy coffee!