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Aug 9, 2008 10:05 PM

Winnipeg Suggestions?

A bunch of my friends are heading up to Winnipeg for a fun weekend. We are looking for small, cute and delicious places! There are vegetarians in the mix. We are looking for brunch, ethnic food and anything we MUST see while we are in town. The group is on a budget and we are not looking to spend more than 25 Canadian dollars per meal.


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  1. In what area of town will you be staying, and will you have a car?

    For now, Taste of India at Sargent and Young.

    Fresh Cafe in the 700 block of Corydon.

    Siam Thai on St. Anne's, south of Bishop Grandin.

    Sun Fortune on South Pembina (just past Chancellor) or North Garden just a couple of block away on University Crescent--both for Chinese food, but not dim sum.

    Kum Koon Garden downtown for dim sum.

    Tall Grass Prairie at the Forks for whole wheat cinnamon buns and savoury bread pudding.

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    1. re: prasantrin

      We are staying downtown at the Place Louis Suites. We have a car and are willing to drive around. Thank you so much!

        1. re: chadradchad

          you must also go to massawa - ethiopian food in the village. i don't agree with Sun Fortune or Kum Koon Garden - but many winnipegers like the latter. i prefer the thai restaurant on Logan (name escapes me)...and would much rather go to the Tall Grass Prairie in Wolseley. But you should see the forks...even if it is super touristy. There are a couple good vegetarian friendly places in the exchange (downtown) - Mondragon and the Underground Cafe. At the latter, order the sunburger. These are both funky-hippie-esque places. If you are into that scene, the Wolseley Tall Grass is where you should go.

          1. re: ihatepickyeaters

            You can't eat at Tall Grass Prairie on Wolseley (there might be a bench or table or two outdoors, but it certainly wouldn't be comfortable for a large group), which is why I recommended the one at the Forks. The one at the Forks also has soups and sandwiches, as well as more varieties of breads than the original location does. (Note, I did not recommend the Forks itself, just Tall Grass Prairie at the Forks.)

            Sun Fortune is one of the most travelled-to restaurants for the Chinese in the city. Is there a particular reason you don't care for it?

            Same goes for Kum Koon. Other dim sum places do certain items better (Victoria Seafood has outstanding seafood items, and Kam Ho also has certain items that surpass Kum Koon), but in general, Kum Koon is the best all-round place (I've not tried Noodle Express, though).

            Is the Thai on Logan Magic Thai? It used to be really crappy (they used ketchup in some of their curry dishes!), but I haven't been there since they changed owners. Bua Dang on Selkirk is supposed to be good. I've not been to the restaurant, but I've had food prepared by the cooks at private events for the Thai community, and what I've had has been good. Siam has an extensive vegetarian menu, and depending on who is cooking it's most definitely the closest to Thailand-Thai food in the city (all the chefs are Thai, but the owner still makes the best food of all).

            I really like Massawa, too, but if you go, be prepared to wait. I suspect they prepare the food to order (a good thing), and it takes a long time to get your food (not a good thing). Go early before other customers arrive so your order can be first on the list.

            Other recs: Bistro Dansk on Sherbrook has excellent schnitzels and chicken liver things. The have good shrimp salad if the vegetarians in the group aren't really vegetarians, but if they are, the fried camembert is excellent (comes with sides). They usually have at least one vegetarian soup, as well, and their soups really are good. The hazelnut pie is tops.

            Also on Sherbrook is the controversial Common Ground. I think it's completely vegetarian, and perhaps mostly vegan, but I haven't been there in several years. I used to like their soups and sandwiches, though, but not their carob baked goods (I think carob is an acquired taste). The cafe is a base from which to promote their beliefs, but they don't push them on anyone, so it's still a cool place to eat (all the tables, etc. are made by them, so it has a very homey feel to it).

            I'd like to recommend some Vietnamese places, but very few have a lot to offer vegetarians (other than Vietnamese-style Chinese dishes).

            Question--does $25 on a meal mean per person, or per meal for everyone?

            Tre Visi in the Exchange District can be had for less than $25/person, especially if you go for lunch. I wasn't pleased the last time I ate there, but that was a year ago and previous to that, they had always been very consistent.

            In addition to Mondragon and the Underground Cafe, a new vegetarian-friendly place opened in the same area. I'm not in Winnipeg right now, and I can't find the name online, but if I find it I'll post about it later.

            Dandelion at the Pembina/Corydon/Osborne intersection is very vegetarian-friendly, and is pretty reasonable for lunch, though it's on the more expensive side. Same with Bistro 7 1/4 on South Osborne.

            It should be noted that both Underground Cafe and Fresh Cafe mentioned in a previous post are only open until 4, so if you want to eat at either of those places, go for breakfast or lunch.

            1. re: prasantrin

              Thank you so much! For all the ideas.. I think we are going to eat dinner at IN Ferno's Bistro on Friday for our fancy night out. Then go to brunch at Fresh Cafe on Saturday...followed by a trip to the lake or the Manitoba Museum.

              Ethiopian sounds like a logical and great choice for Saturday evening..and then to tall grass for rolls for the road.

              Is there something that I am missing that I must hit up? I have never enjoyed all vegetarian restaurants, I enjoy other places that do vegetarian items as well as meat items.

              Any suggestions for drinks? We are 20somethings.


              1. re: chadradchad

                If you want to go somewhere for drinks you should hit up the Italian district in Winnipeg. It's on Corydon Avenue. There are plenty of lounges there where you'll see people sit outside for drinks. It gets pretty busy in the evenings, but there are plenty of lounges on that street itself so you wouldn't have a problem finding a place to drink at. If you want a more cafe/dessert place where you can get coffee/lattes etc. go to Baked Expectations (on Osbourne St - they have huge windows so you won 't miss it)- they have a good selection of cakes and baked goods and they are generally opened late as well. Hope that helps!

                1. re: chadradchad

                  Thanh Huong (Sargent between langside and young) has this soup #6 that I dream about and every time I am back in town (I now live in Montreal) it's my first stop off the plane. You can get it with tofu instead of the beef.

                  Myabi in Osborne 'village' is the best sushi in town with the best quality fish.

                  But seriously, if you do one thing while in the city, it HAS to be thanh huong!


                  For drinks: G martini bar, also in Osborne 'village' .

                  1. re: The Chemist

                    when i'm back in town, i have myabi sushi - it is really great. glad you mentioned it, chemist.

                    1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                      We had a wonderful meal at In Ferno's bistro. Great food and nice prices. We actually ate at Folklorama on Saturday night (West Indies food.) Loved the baked goods at tall grass. Had a nice brunch on Sunday at two floored place in the trendy part of town. ( I forgot the name!)

                      Thanks everyone.