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Aug 9, 2008 09:45 PM

Whistler Anniversary

We'll be in Whistler at the end of this month for our anniversary. We've never been there before. Any suggestions for a special evening? We enjoy tasting menus with well-thought wine pairings. Price is no option. We just want the best Whistler has to offer. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd asked for something along those lines recently, albeit with a focus on seafood. Some others had some inputs:

    Ended up at Araxi, great meal was had. I see they currently have a summer tasting menu for CDN99/person, and they have a solid wine selection.

    1. We've decided on Araxi for our anniversary.

      Any other suggestions for more casual choices for our other nights. We like Italian and Asian food but not sushicentric. Winebars and lunch suggestions are also needed.

      We are staying at Sundial based on the high accolades on Tripadvisor and in-room kitchens. Hope Tripadvisor is right about this one.

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        The Sundial is a good hotel in Whistler, not the largest rooms and no balconies unless you're in a fancy suite. You may want to tell check-in if you prefer the quieter side of the building although I would reco the village side b/c it's more of Euro experience.

        Pick up the Pique and Question News magazines to find out weekly resto specials. If you are into finer dining GO to Fifty Two 80 Bistro.

        You'll have a great time at Araxi!