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Aug 9, 2008 08:40 PM

Restaurants near Hawley (Woodloch)

My extended family will be going to Woodloch, located in Hawley in the Poconos, for a vacation soon. We did not opt for the on-site meal plan and we plan to do some cooking in the cabins, but we'll likely want to eat a few meals.

Can anyone recommend good restaurants near there for
breakfast (bagels or donuts or pancakes/waffles)
casual dinner

Also, if there are places we should stay away from, that would be good to know was well.

Thanks for any info,
Joe H.

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    1. My wife and I just happened to stop at Erhardt's on Rt. 507 just south of Rt. 6 in Hawley last Wednesday. It is a lakefront motel/resort with a good restaurant. We had a very nice lunch sitting on the deck with a view of the lake. We had been there several years ago, too. Stopping at various restaurants in the Hawley area over the years, Erhardt's is the only one we do return to. Sorry I do not have comments about additional places (pro or con) but we don't have the opportunity to pass through Hawley very often.

      1. The Boat House (Hawley, family restaurant/bar)
        Ehrhardts (Hawley, family restaurant lake front, breakfast)
        Settlers Inn (Hawley, fine dining upscale)
        Cora's (Hawley, casual)
        Woodloch Springs Clubhouse (open to the public, nice grill fare)

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Thank you ifr andkizabrat77 for the recommendation. We had a good dinner at Ehrhardt's which was about 20-25 min away from Woodloch Springs. We were celebrating a birthday and they were very accommodating for our party of 14 with 7 kids and 7 adults.
            What I liked:
            1) When making the reservation, I asked if they could prepare a birthday cake. They said they didn't do their own cakes, but after checking with the manager, they offered to pick a cake up from the local IGA and gave me the number to dial. It turns out that IGA makes a good cake and Ehrhardt's didn't charge me any extra than the IGA quote.
            2) We had a great view of the lake and during sundown, they had sun-reducing shades that could be lowered - I hadn't seen these before - they're clear, but they reduce the strength of the sunlight without restricting the view.
            3) The onion soup was better than average for a family-style restaurant.
            4) The salad bar was fresh with well thought choices - quality vs. quantity.
            5) Dessert bar! The kids favorite, even with the birthday cake.
            6) Buffalo wings were very tasty with the right amount of heat and celery and blue-cheese
            7) The service was very friendly and accommodating, lighting the candles and singing happy birthday.
            8) The sandwiches were very tasty and well-filled
            9) Compared to the Woodloch resort food prices, Ehrhardt's was a deal.

            What I didn't like
            1) Kitchen was slow. There were long waits between the appetizers (which came out immediately) and the main course
            2) Service was inconsistent - we had to hunt down our waitress to a couple of times, but not all the time, to get drink refills. They did a nice job of cutting the cake, but it took like 8 minutes (luckily there was the dessert bar and the kids didn't get too restless)
            3) Main courses were OK in general. I had a Chicken Verona? Chicken with artichoke, sundried tomatoes, spinach, in a wine-reduction which was overly salted and a little over cooked. The pot roast my father ordered was tender but salty. It didn't start out that way, but as you kept chewing, the salt taste grew. The Delmonico steak had more gristle than expected and didn't have quite as much flavor as I'd like.

            We ate at the Woodloch Springs Clubhouse the first night we were there and it was OK, but the menu was limited. I tried their spinach & artichoke dip in a bread bowl and it was just so-so. The summer salad of spinach and fruit was wilted.

            We also ate in the Lodge (or Inn?) in the lakeside room. They had a $45 fixed price menu ($20/child) which had some decent food (the pork was the best), but no way was it worth $45 a person. By comparison, Ehrhartd's, while not fixed price, came to about $25 / person and the food was comparable. No alcohol was ordered at either establishment.

            Compared to the other options in the area, Ehrhardt's was definitely worth the 20 minute drive.