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Aug 9, 2008 08:09 PM

Dried Kiwis at the Ferry Building

On a vacation the SF, I visited the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and bought these amazing dried kiwis. There were a couple of different stalls selling them but unfortunately I did not get a website or number from them to reorder. I incorrectly figured that it would be easy to find a similar product online. However, all the dried kiwis I see online have sugar added; these are tart and have no sugar, and I believe, no nitrates added. Does anyone have a phone number, website, or address for a company or farm that sells these kiwis? Or if anyone plans on going to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, I would so appreciate it if you could be on the lookout for these kiwis and ask for contact info so they can be ordered and shipped. Much thanks! Tracy

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  1. This is an old Chowhound thread, but there is some info here that may still be relevant...

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      I was just there this week and just got those great kiwis (very intense flavor) but alas, no card from the stall. However, they were sold with the dried strawberries (as well as alone) so I'd bet its the same place. Definitely worth a call if no one stops by and reports back.

    2. You could contact CUESA which runs the market or you can painfully go through this list of vendors and see which one it is. If you click on a vendor name it gives info about the vendor to the right which usually includes an address, sometimes a email or website.

      You can also find CUESA contact info on that link

      Could be one of the following:
      Bella Viva Orchards (they have a website)
      Everything Under the Sun (website ... I love their stuff
      )Four Sisters Farm (they sell kiwis, but doesn't say if they are dried. phone only)
      Frog Hollow (eh, probably not. They have dried fruit but it is stone fruit. never saw kiwis)
      G. L. Alfieri Farms (website)
      Honeycrisp Farms (probably not, just dried stone fruit ... are they still selling at FP?)
      K & J Orchards (probably not ... dried stone fruit)
      Twin Girls Farm - they sell fresh kiwis, but I don't remember if they have dried

      I went through quickly looking for vendors I remember either sold kiwis or dried fruit.

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        Since Everything Under the Sun is still at FPFM than Wendy San has pegged it with her link with Celery's enthusiastic report in 2002.

      2. I was at the market today and the only vendor I saw with dried kiwis was Everything Under the Sun. Here is their contact info:
        (530) 681-1374

        Hope this helps.

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        1. re: debby

          Thanks everyone for your help. I'll check out Cheers! Tracy

          1. re: sowales

            You'll have better luck calling than emailing this particular farm, FYI.