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Aug 9, 2008 05:47 PM

Need a reasonable (not great) dinner place in the Loop

I need an O.K. place for dinner in the Loop next week. I'm not looking for "great" (my wife says, why do you always look for great? Besides, she says, this is Chicago - my home town - fugeddaboutit). Last time we ate in the Russian Tea Salon, which is about the level IL'm looking for; good but not great. Any help?

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  1. almost in the Loop: The Gage
    a little farther: Mercat a la Planxa

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    1. re: CathleenH

      Second The Gage - had lunch on Saturday...

      Ate too much, left with 2 fat and happy Germans (Mr CF and our associate)


    2. Just in downtown proper, here are a few to toss at you:

      Miller's Pub, 134 S. Wabash (my mainstay)
      The Grill Room, across from the Shubert -- er, the LaSalle Bank Theater, 33 W. Monroe;
      Siam Rice on North Wells (they close by 8p. though)
      Shikago, 190 So. LaSalle Street
      Trattoria No. 10, 10 N. Dearborn
      Italian Village, 71 W. Monroe

      Now outside the loop is another story.

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      1. re: sis2catbat

        How is the wine bar at The Grill Room? quality? price?


      2. I second Trattoria No. 10. Great food, very accommodating service. They don't overdo it with the food - the menu is classic, the food is fresh and tasty. Great bread before the meal too.