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Aug 9, 2008 05:36 PM

All Clad Copper Core Fry Pan Bottom Not Flat?

I recently bought two All Clad Copper Core 10" fry pans through the internet from two different vendors and the bottoms do not seem to be very flat. In fact the pan seems to be pretty "tilty" because the handle doesn't seem to be very balanced.

I don't see this problem as much with my 10" MC2 fry pan. My 11" Demeyere fry pan is very flat and much better balanced. Did I just get bad CC pans, or are these pans just made this way? If so, why would they be shaped this way? We just moved into a house with a ceramic cook top and my worry is that they will not make enough surface area contact to be very usable.

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  1. They won't be very effective; I have some old calphalon skillets where the handle seems to be so heavy it pulls the pan so the opposite side lifts up. This results in uneven heating. It's a flaw of manufacture or design and you should return them. I've been cooking on a smooth top range for four years and I promise you won't be happy if your pan bottoms aren't perfectly flat and balanced.