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Aug 9, 2008 05:24 PM

St.L - Charlie Gitto's

I recently visited St. Louis with a friend and had reccomended to us a restaurant called Charlie Gitto's. I have to say that it was awesome. Is this place well known throughout teh city and region? I had their soup of the day, a cream chicken noodle which was perhaps the best i have ever had, and teh shrimp scampi, which was well done. My friend had a caeser salad and glazed pork chops which he talked about all night. The atmosphere was great, and seeing all the celebs who had visited the place was interesting as well. It was a bit loud in there, and the walk up the stairs to the washroom was a drawback, but otherwise, it was great. And to top it all off, it was reasonably priced. Does anybody else feel this is one of the great restaurants of St. louis? if not, why not? just curious.

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  1. Did you eatat the one on The Hill, or the one at the casino? The one on The Hill has been around a long time and has lots of regulars; its sibling is relatively new.

    1. CG's is yummy - both locations. Although at the boat location, it is rather dim and hard to see what's going on. One of my family's favorites and they are not italian lovers the way I (oh so adopted I must be) am.