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Aug 9, 2008 05:22 PM

New Thai Pittsburgh

If you're a fan of Thai food, do yourself a favor head to Bryant St. in Highland Park and give Smiling Banana Leaf a try. The modest sized seating area is tastfully decorated and there's plenty of tables on the sidewalk. We've been twice within past few weeks, once for dinner once for lunch, and we were suitably impressed with both experiences.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. We really enjoy Thai food and the more options the better. Know of anywhere to find a menu with prices?

    Also is it a BYO? that is a bonus as well.

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    1. re: Mr Siegal

      I recall the menu listing a website but it must not be up and running yet. The prices are reasonable and I feel certain it would be BYOB

    2. My absolute favorite Thai restuarant is "Thai Cusine" in Bloomfield. Is it better than this one?

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        haven't been there in over a year so better not comment. better than Bangkok Balcony of late. we also like Green Mango Regent Sq. and Nikki's in Verona.
        I would certainly recommend your giving SBL a try.

      2. I agree - we've only been to Smiling Banana Leaf once, but we were thoroughly impressed with the experience and hope to go again soon. And they are BYOB, by the way. It's great to see a small local business doing well, so I hope people keep going there!

        1. I'd like to echo the positive sentiments. My overall experience there was great. The service was affable, and the food was above average, especially for an Asian restaurant in Pittsburgh. The decor was cosy, and the prices were very reasonable as well.

          Of the pad thai, wild shrimp curry, and chow curry we ordered, the latter stood out as flavorful and satisfying.

          The only glitch of the evening was a forgotten appetizer order. Otherwise, I can't wait to explore the menu further.

          1. I wanted to echo the sentiments. I think I've been to pretty much every Thai place in Pittsburgh and the surround areas (Thai Cuisine, Thai Me Up, Spice Island, Thai TYK, etc. etc.) and I have to rank this in the top 3. The waiter was extremely knowledgeable and kind, the food was extremely fresh and delicious, and most of all, they know how to make it SPICY. I asked for a 7 when I ordered and he laughed. He said, "I'll bring you a 3". It was perfect. The heat didn't stand out and was melded into the dish (simple Pad See Ew with chicken) exquisitely. Their Thom Kha is the smoothest I've ever had it, with some of the freshest vegetables inside. Also, you'd never know it from the outside, but the decor is extremely calm and relaxing. A beautiful place and second only to Thai TYK in Rankin, if only for the personalized attention.