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Aug 9, 2008 05:12 PM

KC - Arthur Bryant's

Hi all. I recently visited KC and St. Louis and had the chance to eat at the much talked about Arthur Bryant's. After reading about the bbq restauranht place on the Chow boards and on national tv programs, I was psyched to have some of their bbq. I have to say that I walked away underwhelmed. Anyone else feel that way? I had a pulled pork sandwich and baked beans and sampled some short ribs. I found the ribs a touch dry and was not taken away with the pulled pork sandwich. The baked beans, however, were tasty. When I walked around town, many people felt that I should have tried Gates instead. I did buy some Gates sweet and Mild BBQ sauce and some Arthur Bryant's rib and meat rub, as well as a bbq sauce called Zarda Q. Is there a clear #1 bbq place in the city? Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. There are millions of thoughts on KC BBQ. I would suggest you type it in the search box.
    My favorite is LC's, but the debate is endless.

    1. I lived in KC for 3-1/2 years and am not the world's biggest BBQ fan. Whether that makes me unqualified or well-qualified to judge, I'm not sure. I was warned off of Arthur Bryant's when I first moved there. Many natives like to steer visitors to Gates. That may be because they like the food. Or it may be to watch how their guests react to the "HI!!!! MAY I HE'P YOU?????????" that the counter person booms before the door even swings shut. My personal favorite is Fiorelli's Jack Stack. I never found burnt ends to compare anywhere else. My husband's family, however, swears by Haywards, and my husband and I still grab a few bottles of sauce whenever we're in town.

      1. Im glad to see someone else recommend Gates. They are consistent. I would say you ordered the wrong thing at Bryants. You should have ordered the briscuit or pork sandwich with fries. Just like any other restaurant they have items that they do very well and some not so well. I would hope we all will remember this when we judge a restaurant. One bad or indifferent meal should not be the evidence to judge a restaurant.

        1. My personal favorites are Jack's Stack and Oklahoma Joe's. The Gates I tried was terrible, but it could have been that location.

          I have only tried the Arthur Bryant's at the Casino so I can't help you there. I've heard the only good one is the original location so if you didnt' go there, that may explain it.