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Aug 9, 2008 04:41 PM

NYC financial district ...need good eats close by!

Will on business x 4 days & staying @ the New York Marriott Downtown. Looking for some good eats in that end of Manhattan...all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Great pizza at Adrienne's on Hanover, Les Halles if you want steak frites or great mussels, Haru, Ise or Suteishi for Sushi/Japanese, P.J. Clarke's in BPC waterfront--great burger, Acqua at the South Street Seaport for italian.

    Hope this helps :=)

    1. Occasionally, I take the subway down just for Financier. It is a lunch place though. The cakes are really really good, some of the best in the city. As for food, I've only had one of their sandwiches (the vegetarian one), and a couple of salads. Salads were decent, but the vegetarian sandwich is very good.

      1. Price range? Type of cuisine? Second Acqua for good, simple Italian fare within walking distance (if you are walkers). You can walk on the East River esplanade after dinner and look at The Waterfalls. Second Financier (3 locations downtown) for pastry and maybe lunch. Barbarini on Front Street is also good for lunch or dinner (more of a lunch place). Table Tales on Water Street is my favorite Seaport area restaurant. It may still be BYOB. We usually head North to Chinatown, West to TriBeCa or to the Lower East Side (LES)/East Village (EV) for dinner. Bacaro (LES, Italian) at the end of Orchard on Division is good. It's walkable. Same owners as Peasant. Elyssa Dido on Orchard (LES). Rayuela (LES) has become our new favorite and we had dinner there again last night. On Clinton Street (LES) you have restaurant row with WD50 (hounds tend to love or hate), Falai (one of our favorites, hounds give it mixed reviews), etc. The Harrison in TriBeCa is popular, we're not fans. We also like Duane Park in TriBeCa. I have service issues with Adrienne's (just tried their pizza recently) and Les Halles (though I did have a good experience recently with the location uptown).