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Aug 9, 2008 04:26 PM

Bolsa [Dallas]

Anyone been to Bolsa in Oak Cliff (near Bishop Arts)? I think we might try it tonight. I like the concept... fresh, local, no freezer or fryer, extensive wine list.... yes!

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  1. We went a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We were thinking about heading back tonight.

    I enjoyed their white sangria. Normally, I don't particularly care for the white version but this was the perfect summertime refresher. Not obnoxiously strong and not too sweet.

    The bruschetta is wonderful. At $12 it's sound a bit expensive, but what you get is four large slices of bread each cut into three pieces with very generous toppings on each: smoked salmon with creme fraiche, coppa ham with fig preserves, cheese with apple and topped with their own honey and toasted pine nuts and the last one is goat cheese topped with tomato and basil.

    The pizza with Jimmy's sausage is excellent and very spicy.

    The salads were excellent although overdressed.

    Desserts were very good as well.

    They have a small set menu of appetizers, salads, and "flatbread" (pizza). Then they have a couple of specials every night. The specials had a definite latin tinge to them with chimichurri on the steak and a piquillo pepper sauce on the pork loin. But I wouldn't classify the place as Spanish except in the most general way.

    One thing - they have a big sort of garage door affair that connects the bar to the outside. It's gorgeous, but it got hot - I was glad I had a light shirt!

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      I hate to reply to myself but we just got back. Salad perfect this time. Everything we had was wonderful. Do yourself a favor and take a short drive across the river. This place is a gem!

    2. The concept is great. The design is great. The service is great. The wine list is awesome.

      The beer list, although it includes a personal/local/inexpensive favorite of mine(lone star), could be expanded a bit.

      I went with a party of 5 and we sampled all the flat breads, bruschetta and salads. None of the pizzas dissapointed (i would recommend asking for some red wine vinnagarette and sea salt to dip it in... that was delicious). the ingrediants were wonderful. I was dissapointed that there was a Jimmy's Sausage pizza, because i feel it's been done before (over at Fireside pies). No dissapointment in taste, however, just in originality. In retrospect, where else would you get local sausage?

      my gin and tonic was good, but the crushed ice waters your drink down quicker than standard cubes.

      The major dissapointment was the caesar salad. it was the same, if not worse than one of those 'instant caesar salad' kits you buy in the fridge section at the grocery store. definitely nothing special, definitely not worth ordering at a restaurant. something like that can come close to ruining a meal, but thankfully it was a small part of an otherwise highly enjoyable evening of great food, great service, great friends and excellent drinks.

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      1. re: InModWeTrust

        I agree on concept, design and service.

        I get the sense that someone has a skewed sense of price:value, though, when I see bottles of Coors Light & Bud Light for $4. If it's that way to make my cocktail seem like a better deal, mission accomplished.

      2. We went just for drinks a couple of weeks ago and I loved the black and blue mojito. Reading the food reviews makes me want to go really soon for dinner. Thanks!
        I have also heard that they will be featuring local music out on the patio(weather permitting) a couple days a week.