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Aug 9, 2008 04:02 PM

Peter Luger-Great Neck

We have yet to dine at Peter Luger's, but my husband refuses to drive to Brooklyn. I have convinced him to go to the one in Great Neck, which is not as far for us since we live in Westchester. Is it as stellar? We have been to many of the fine NYC steakhouses.

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  1. Well I think it's 90% as good as Brooklyn (and the 10% is probably in my mind). That said I don't think even Brooklyn is really the best steak in NY - but it is a very good one.

    1. We love the Great Neck Peter Luger. The food is exactly the same, and the back dining room is comfortable and just a hint less hectic than the front room, which feels much more like Brooklyn. The waiters are all sweet as kittens. Easy trip to and from Westchester. Be sure to get the's just as blissful as the porterhouse.

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      1. re: fatladysings

        Sorry, I can't agree with that..The food is NOT exactly the same,

        1. re: fatladysings

          I know people who have gone to both and say the Brooklyn one is better. Not much better, but better.

          I do however completely agree with you on the bacon. A friend of mine and I have a joke that Peter Luger's is a bacon house that happens to serve a mighty fine steak. The bacon is out of this world. I've bought very nice thick slab bacon and while delicious, it didn't compare. Probably because at home I can't cook it at 700 degrees.

        2. I couldn't get a rese for the BK location next week, so I booked Great Neck. I really wanted BK...I am hoping this will be just as good. Any recent reports?

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            In Sept. we dined at the Great Neck location; excellent. We never went to the Bklyn. location so we can't compare, but I don't know how much better it could be. Pretty much perfection in the steakhouse category.

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              Just trust someone who has been to both many times (and was NOT brought up to love the Brooklyn location like many were)-they are the same.

              1. re: addictedtolunch

                I've been to both probably around a dozen times. The quality of the meat is identical. I've actually found the consistency of preparation to be better in Great Neck. Great Neck is a more pleasant experience as the restaurant itself is a bit more confortable. So if you are willing to spend the bucks (remember to bring cash), either location will do just fine.

                1. re: gordoma

                  agreed. never had a problem with the GN branch. Brooklyn never seemed that much different.

            2. When you go to Peter Lugers, check the bones on your steak. When we went there, the bones were burnt and the steak was almost raw and un-attached. I have heard from two places that the bones are recycled.

              I know that this post will inspire a lot of anger from PL fans, but that is how it is.

              I prefer Majors in East Meadow or Woodbury.



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              1. re: Fred19

                The meat is not attached because they cut it off.

                Regarding the charring on the bone, one could assume that dry bone chars more quickly than wet meat. That would sure be a big conspiracy if they were reusing bones. They have to hide that fact from the public and from the inspectors. That would be a pretty big conspiracy to pull off, given the number of people who are no doubt going through those kitchens.

                1. re: Fred19

                  It SHOULD be served almost raw. In fact I wish i could eat it completely raw. its basically a perfect steak. If you find the majors thread from last year you'll see that I said I could buy better steaks at Fairway and cook them myself and they'll taste better than Majors.

                  1. re: Fred19

                    While I don't mind Major's for a decent steak and fantastic pineapple vodka, saying that they are better than Luger's is absurd. That's like saying Toyota's are better than Bently's because I like they way my Toyota drives much better.

                    And no this isn't anger speaking...this is reality.

                  2. This may sound silly, but do they take credit cards? Many years ago I had a very awkward experience there because it was cash only.

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                    1. re: debmom

                      Cash only or Peter Luger credit card.