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Aug 9, 2008 03:50 PM

Places to eat in and around Balboa

I am going to be staying in Balboa next week and would like to know some good restaurants as it has been ten years since I've been there last. It's not my favorite place to vacation, but it happens to be free this time. I remember it being crowded, mediocre and overpriced in the past. We will be there for a week so any kind of good restaurants (even places to take kids) would be appreciated.

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  1. ..." I remember it being crowded, mediocre and overpriced"....

    Try the Sunset Specials at Ameila's: $10.75 entree + soup or salad $3.00 = $13.75 total food cost per person. I haven't been in many years, but a more recent diner suggested you stick with the fish and avoid the Italian offerings which they don't do as well.

    1. Are you talking about Balboa Island or Balboa Peninsula? Both have some decent restaurants (I have heard Basilic is wonderful), but there are a ton of great restaurants adjacent to both the island and the peninsula.

      How old are the kids? Any cuisines to avoid?

      1. Are you going to be in Balboa on the Peninsula or Balboa Island?

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          Balboa Island, but willing to drive a few miles for a good meal. The kids are 4 and 8 but will be going with adults only some of the time.

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            It's only a couple of miles to Mastros in CDM. Also Pacific Whey for breakfast.
            I have heard good things about the new Arches, and also the space that took over Aubergine.
            Of course there are frozen bananas not far away.