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Aug 9, 2008 03:41 PM

A butterscotch pudding recipe quest

I've been looking through old CH threads, and scouring online recipes in hopes of finding a butterscotch pudding that rivals the childhood memories of what my nana used to make. I am pretty sure it was a box mix, though most likely not instant.

My thoughts are that homemade things can beat their commercially produced counterparts, but some of the recipes I've seen don't look like they'll taste butterscotch-y, just sort of more caramel-y.

I'm not looking to use butterscotch chips, extracts, or schnapps. Here are some of the recipes I've been looking at, so I'm interested to see if anyone has made these, and if so, if they have the butterscotch taste I'm trying to re-create (and ultimately improve upon).

Thanks. Here are the recipes I'm contemplating: (this came highly recommended in a CH thread, but the reviews lean towards caramel- more than butterscotch-tasting

) (this looks complicated, so I feel like it must be good)

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  1. ah, I feel your pain... I love butterscotch pudding, and yes, totally agree.. most taste more caramel-ey rather than butterscotchy...

    you might enjoy this

    while, I'm not a huge fan of the recipes here... (imho most are prettier pictures than better recipes) this pudding was pretty good... and it did make even better ice cream. though I would omit the booze next time, it over-powered the butterscotchy-ness.

    good luck!

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      Thanks! I'll be experimenting this week, and that seems like a good recipe to add to the collection.

    2. I concur that the boxed mix (not instant) is not the same as when I was young. But I do still love it.

      My grandma really only made about 5 really killer dishes and one was butterscotch pudding was one of them. I have two of her old cookbooks, so I will see if the butterscotch pudding is in one of them. But if I have to guess, I think she had made it so many times, it wasn't written down.

      I remember standing on a stool helping her stir the sugar while it scotched/scorched. As long as it didn't burn, it was a wonderful smell. I also remember that it was made with whole heavy cream, of course.

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        I'm trying to get down all my family's recipes, and I've been having a difficult time because so much of what my grandmother made was just of the "until it looks right" school of cooking, with times and amounts resting on instinct rather than formula. Brilliant cooks all of them, but I weep for the loss of some of those recipes that no one got down.

        I think I'm going to pick and choose from some recipes based on what I remember. I think letting the sugar get nice and almost-burnt is the key.

      2. I love this recipe:

        For some reason after I refrigerate it, it feels grainy on the tongue. If anyone knows how to prevent this, please pass it on. But buzzing it with a hand blender will also remedy it.

          1. This one has impressed my own grandmother, and I love and trust Kimball's testing process: