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Aug 9, 2008 02:50 PM

Lehigh Valley

Hi. I am taking my daughter up to Lehigh this week and will be spending a couple of days in the area. I am looking for interesting places to eat. Whether it is the best burger, hot dog or unusual ethnic cuisine, Taste is more important than elegance.I would love to hear about it. I think that over the next 4 years I will be making quite a number of trips. Anyone have suggestions? I appreciate it. Cary

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  1. Yocco's is famous for their hot dogs, you might want to try them.

    I know you said you are not looking for elegance but if you ever are looking for a great experience, try the Farmhouse. Great atmosphere, great food, amazing beer list.

    I'm not sure how close those options are to the university but they are definitely Lehigh County.

    1. Not sure which school you'll be hanging out near, but there's a fair amount of good food near each school. Let's see if I can suggest a few.
      Lafayette: Phenom - Thai; Sogo - Japanese/fusion; Suzy's Mixing Bowl - Bakery; Fat Daddy's BBQ - what else (Try their dry-rub ribs); Mediterranean Deli - Lebanese (try their Shawurma or Kibbi, Feta & Tabouli wrap). There are more, but that's a good start.

      Lehigh: the Hippy Taco (don't know the real name, but I've heard it's good.); There's also supposed to be good Thai in a rowhouse near campus, but I've not been yet.
      Moravian: Johnny's - Deli & bagels; The Other Fish - Sushi (a friend raves about it); the Mexican place across from Johnny's; Bethlehem BrewWorks - American/pub; and many more.

      If the school's in Allentown, I'll let others fill you in. I don't get over there much.

      1. The Thai restaurant mentioned in the previous post is called The Thai Kitchen. I'd highly recommend this. It's on the outskirts of Lehigh's campus toward the bottom of the mountain.

        I also agree that you should make a stop at one of the Yocco's locations. Their chili sauce is really unique. Hot dogs are extremely inexpensive (a little over $1).

        1. You almost can't make a wrong choice in Bethlehem

          Starters Riverport has a fantastic southwest Kobe burger & is close to Lehigh their menu and beer list is extensive.
          There are lot of restaurant choices on 3rd and 4th street and I most definitely agree on the Thai Kitchen

          Cross the river to the historic section of Bethlehem
          Apollo Grill is one of my favorites for lunch and dinner
          Bethlehem Brew Works
          Tortilla Flat and many more too numerous to name them all.

          for trendy upscale

          1. Tulum has the best and most interesting burritos I have ever had. They also make their own hot sauces which are fantastic. It is right near campus, across from the bookstore.