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Jaspers Revisited

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Went by for drinks..great drinks...not good happy hour menu....but we decided to have dinner and ordered a couple of the best steaks in Austin. They were done to perfection…and I like mine black and blue. For a side, we had the onion rings that also were some of the best in town. The service was right on...very attentive and I requested a cocktail that would compliment a steak (I did not care for wine or beer) My request was sent to the bar where a wonderful dink was concocted and there was plenty of follow-up to see if it was just right. Had their vanilla dessert toast that was great (not too sweet-just right) and one of the best chocolate martinis in around. The chef made restaurant rounds and offered suggestions. Jaspers was well worth the price. We will return.

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  1. I go to the one in Plano, and their chocolate martini is the best one that I have ever found!

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      The Daily Business Lunch is a relative bargain at $15---superb meat lasagne!!!