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Aug 9, 2008 02:28 PM

Olive oil

How long after opening a bottle does it start to taste bad and begin getting rancid?

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  1. Olive oil? Never heard of it. Is this anything like EVOO?-Rachel Ray. Couldn't resist a cheap shot. I looked up rancid olive oil and it seems, at least a year opened if kept in a cool, dark place in a tightly sealed dark bottle.

    1. There's no answer to that question -- it depends on too many factors. If it tastes good to you, then it's good.

      1. Sorry-can't help you. I never have a bottle that long! I use it for almost everything.

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          Yes, we go through bottles very quickly as well. But, the other advice about keeping it stored in a dark place is a good one, and make sure the lid is on tight so that air doesn't get in. It's usually pretty obvious when it's gone rancid - I'd certainly taste it before using it (as I do with less frequently used oils) to be on the safe side.

        2. I use extra virgin, so that may not be the same. I've never had a bottle go rancid, but I've never had a bottle over 8 months. I have, however, had a batch that seemed greasy from the get go. It was sort of heavy and had less flavor. It did not smell rancid, though. I expect maybe it was an older bottle on a shelf with less than ideal turnover, and what I was detecting was the beginning of the end of its life. It really does matter where you buy things, if those things have low turnover. That could totally change how long it will last for you. It is quite possible to buy oil at a supermarket that is rancid from the start. It really depends on your particular market. Overall, I've been told to figure maybe 1 year if properly stored.

          I keep more fragile oils in the fridge. It noticeably extends their life.

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            Olive oil should be consumed within 1.5yrs to 2yrs after bottling or harvest for best flavour. It will lose its flavour slowly as it ages, so you should try to consume as quickly as possible. You will know if an oil has gone rancid. If it doesn't smell or taste like olives its not fresh. The worst thing for olive oil is heat, light and air. So keep your oliive oil bottles away from your stove, and in a cool dark cupboard. Also, be sure its in an airtight container, and never plastic!

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