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Aug 9, 2008 01:35 PM

Wang Sushi Toms River anyone?

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  1. Hi,

    The wife & I had to go try WANG SUSHI tonight & we're sure glad we did! What a great find especially in the Toms River Area where excellent ASIAN FUSION is so needed compared to all the Ho Hum Chinese places around here that really are nothing to talk about.
    Wang Sushi is a small casual restaurant with maybe 6 Tables & a Hugh Menu. All the dishes are posted in Color Pictures so you can see them & read what they are all about which is a very nice touch. We were greeted warmly by the owner & his wife and the service was very attentive. I started with a Glass of CANTELOPE BUBBLE TEA which is a Taiwan favorite drink in Asia they come in many fruit flavors and have little Lichee balls in the bottom that you drink through a wide diameter straw very unusual & super delicious & refreshing.
    After about 15 minutes of looking at the extensive large menu we decided to order appetizers which included Taiwan Basil Fried Chicken OMG!!! it was so good a nice seasoned light flour coating with basil simply delicious.....then we had Home made Fried Dumplings with a sweet chili sauce, crisp fresh with a light batter. I ordered a Lobster Salad Roll only $5.99 & my wife a Spicy Tuna Roll $3.99 they have great Sushi prices throughout the menu. For our main course we ordered the Princess Noodles (Pan Fried Flat Wide Noodle w/Beef,beansprout, scallion & brown sauce) the beef was like fillet Mignon super tender and so well seasoned in an amazing sauce. My wife ordered the JUMBO Sweet & Sour Shrimp, you got about 7 or 8 jumbo shrimp lightly battered w/ pineapple chunks & onions in one of the most delicious sauces I have ever tasted OUTSTANDING!! If I wasn't full by then I would have ordered much more because Im telling you if you look at the menu I posted above there are so many incredible different & delicious dishes in this restaurant you really have to go back again and again to experience what Asian Fusion is all about which gives you the opportunity to try Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian all under one roof....they are open 11AM to 10 PM....and YES they deliver as far as Manchester Township also!!!!! We WILL be back very soon to try it again for sure....I hope you get a chance to do so also you owe it to yourself!!
    Enjoy....... I know we did! Wang Sushi is a WINNER!

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      Thanks for the review - I'd seen the menu, but was a little worried when I saw how inexpensive the sushi was... I've already convinced my co-workers that we'llhave to check it out this week - great that they deliver!

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        Hi....we went back again to Wang Sushi for lunch today & it was wonderful.
        We started with a Kawasaki Roll (Pepper Tune/Avocado), Spicy Tuna Roll & Lobster Roll....followed with Crispy Seafood Noodles ( Birds Nest ) White Fish Tempura salad Mmmmmmmm!... & Korean BBQ pork w/rice. Ryan the owner & his wife are gracious hosts and will help you & explain any of the great dishes.....give it a try & bring your appetite.

        1. re: Tapas52

          A few co-workers and I decided to give Wang Sushi a try yesterday for lunch. For those of you familiar with TR, Wang Sushi is located in the old butcher shop next to the Playdrome bowling alley and across from the Kmart shopping plaza. While I may not be as enthusiastic as Tapas52 is for this restaurant, there is more than enough to admire about the place.

          First and foremost, I appreciate that the proprietor has even opened a restaurant in TR serving food that has never been seen in these parts; particularly Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. That alone makes me hope they succeed. The food however was a mixed bag more likely a casaulty of their enormous menu. We pretty much tried a little bit of everything; honeydew and taro bubble tea (very good but the portion was a little too small) wonton and Tom Yung Goong soups (the Tom Yung was excellent although a bit concentrated compared to other versions I’ve tried), Taiwan basil fried chicken (one of the best dishes – a sort of salty popcorn chicken - although puzzled by the fact that dark instead of white meat was used), homemade fried dumplings (good especially the chili dipping sauce), mixed vegetable tempura (probably the only clunker as the batter was too thick and hard), pork fried rice (passable as it was a bit mushy), princess (broad) noodles (a decent dish although I didn’t like the beef), sautéed broccoli with garlic and string beans in oyster sauce (both were excellent particulary the string beans), as well as a few sushi rolls (very good especially considering the price). All in all, a decent meal and I’m sure to return and recommend to friends. The bubble tea and the Tom Yung alone are reasons enough for me to go back. I wish Mr. Wang and his wife much luck and hope many of you give this place a try. We need more places like Wang Sushi in Ocean County and Mr. Wang should be commended for even opening such a restaurant. One piece of constructive criticism: please do away with the sign on the tables reminding people to tip their waiter. :)

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            bgut1......Glad to hear that you had time to try Wang Sushi........
            its an enjoyable interesting experience. I'm still in the process of trying different dishes when we go ( there so many to choose from ) & the diversity of different Asian cuisines under on roof really was needed in Toms River vs the some old Chinese takeout etc etc .....
            The Wang family is on their way to success for sure! I hope you try again soon with more dishes & report back for us on your experiences.

            Best regards

            1. re: Tapas52

              Went here tonight for takeout after reading Tapas review.

              IT WAS EXCELLENT!! I can't wait to go back and try more. We had the Basil Chicken that everyone seems to be recommending. Loved it! So unique and tasty. We also had the Vietnamese Spring Roll.. best spring roll I've probably ever had. So light and crispy and the sauce that came with it was great. For entrees we had the Famous Pad Thai with shrimp.. DELICIOUS!!! Big juicy shrimp and the pad thai was just right. Best Pad Thai I've had in the area!! (Including Siam Garden in Red Bank!). We also had the Salt & Pepper Shrimp... they give you ALOT of shrimp.. it was great.

              Everything was great and the owner was so friendly and nice. He couldn't believe I came all the from Lakewood for takeout.. but it was so worth it! Thanks Tapas! We'll definitely be returning.

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                I am so glad you had a chance to try WANG SUSHI...we go there all the time and have almost tried everything on the menu. Ryan the owner & his wife are excellent hosts. We love this place & all the dishes are so unique from each other & delicious.....plus they have great Sushi & Bubble tea also try the Taro flavor!


                1. re: Tapas52

                  Have not been here, sounds great. Tagging it for this must try list. Thanks.

                  1. re: shabbystorm

                    Enjoy....we go at least once a week & try so many different things on the large menu. Hope to hear about your experience soon.

      2. re: Tapas52

        Sadly, I went by there tonight and found the restaurant dark. No sign on the door, no activity at all. I think we may have lost a small gem of a restaurant.

        1. re: tommyoz

          If true, this would be sad news indeed. However, it doesn't shock me as it was never busy when I was there.

          1. re: tommyoz

            That's because they're closed on Wednesdays!!! They are very much open - my office has ordered lunch from them twice in the last two weeks and it's been great.

            1. re: newfie29

              Their web site indicates they are supposed to be open for dinner on Wednesdays. (But we all know how accurate web sites are. :-) )

              1. re: eleeper

                I'm very happy to report that I jumped to a conclusion, I stopped by last night and they were open.

                Wang Sushi is indeed open seven days a week (according both the website and the door sign), what happened on Wednesday was a traffic debacle that kept a number of people from getting there to open the restaurant. I was there at 5:30, and they didn't open until around 6:00 because there was nobody to open!

                The sushi to go that I ordered was absolutely perfect, as always!

                Wang Sushi
                203 Route 37 E, Toms River, NJ 08753

                1. re: tommyoz

                  My husband and kids returned to Wang Sushi last week after having a very so so dinner there in its first month open. WOW -- What a difference. Food was so much better -- we will be back again soon. The decor was much improved with new lighting and and tables. Has much more of a restaurant feel. Not fancy but a place you could go every week. We stayed away from Sushi menu because we eat it so much and we were ready for some new flavors. Had the Basil Chicken, BBQ Pork, Shrimp rolled in Pastry, Malaysian Broad Flat Noodle -- texture perfect but a little greasy -- but for Toms River I will not complain, Octopus Salad all good stuff. So happy that is has improved so much from out last visit. Ryan owner was very friendly. Waitstaff could be better trained but over all was friendly. Will be back to try sushi soon. Also dinner for 4 of us only $45 dollars bargain compared to our $75 sushi tabs.

                  Wang Sushi
                  203 Route 37 E, Toms River, NJ 08753

        2. Went to Wang's for lunch today, excellent lunch!
          They have been here over a year.
          The owners are great, down to earth, kind and helpful.

          The menu is super creative.

          Tried a shrimp tempura salad (shrimp over a bed of cucumbers) - huge portion of shrimp, could have used a little more cucumber or even some lettuce, but it was very good.

          Also tried Salmon sushi and the Sun and Moon Roll (California roll wrapped with regular and white tuna) - both great and reasonable!

          Wasabi had kick, the ginger and soy made a perfect trio!

          Wanted to try some Noodles, got them go. These stood the test of time, travel, and reheat, very good Beef Chow Fun aka Princess Noodles. There were at least a dozen other items on the menu I would love to try.

          Dessert (next time) want to try the Rambutan stuffed with Pineapple Syrup or sponge cake ice cream sandwich.

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          1. re: shabbystorm

            W had dinner at Wang Sushi Asian Fusion Restaurant Saturday night also.......it was great. We started with Taiwan Bubble tea Mango & Strawberry sooooo good... home made Wonton soup ( not the usual, light wrappers very good ) then my favorite.... Kawasaki roll, Shrimp Tempura roll, Eel roll all fresh & delicious.....then we opted to go for appetizers.....Korean BBQ Pork, Basil Chicken, OMG!!!! Thai Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Dumplings...then Chef Ryan came out to say hello to us & suggested the ICE SHAVINGS desert which is like a snow cone with yogurt & assorted fruits on top...very different & tasty & refreshing to the palette a very popular desert in Taiwan. I love this place!

            1. re: Tapas52

              HAHA! So funny! I stopped in Friday afternoon with my father. It's been at least 2 months since I've last been there.. and Chef Ryan totally recognized me! (Even though I had glasses on).

              I went in and intended to get the Basil Chicken since I've been craving it so much.. but went with dishes I never had instead. I ordered the Shrimp Pastry appetizer --- DELICIOUS!! There's a restaraunt in the city called SPICE that has a dish like this.. but its called Martini Shrimp.. and they put the shrimps in a martini glass. SO GLAD to find a place close to home that has this!! Even has the same kind of sauce (menu said it was called plum sauce?). Anyway - definitely tasty. I also ordered Chicken Pad Thai.. I feel like I may have ordered this before from here. but I'm not sure. Anyway - this time around it hit the spot perfectly. I had enough for dinner that night too!! I'm not a fan of spice. but this had just enough kick to where it didn't bother me. Mmmm so good! Since it was Good Friday my father had to opt for no meat.. He got his fave from last time.. the Indian Pancake (minus the chicken) and the vegetable dumplings.. which were very tasty!! He loved both dishes. We also (per Chef Ryan's suggestion) went for the Mango Bubble Tea. For some reason I was expecting it to be more like the consistency of a milkshake.. I was actually glad it wasn't though!! It was super refreshing... I only wished the glasses were a little bigger, haha.

              Later that day my friend who has a new job in the area tried Wang Sushi (I had no idea she was finally going to try it after me constantly telling her it can be her one stop asian food spot!). She wasn't as impressed, unfortunatly. She said her Chicken Satay was raw inside .. and she had to send it back. Granted.. shes an extremely picky eater and will eat a bloody steak.. so I don't know. She also ordered Beef Teriyaki and when I asked she just said "it was ok..".

              But whatever.. I'm a huge fan and am never staying away from Wang Sushi for more than 3 weeks again!! Thanks again (and again and again) Tapas for recommending!!

              1. re: nachoswithcocoa

                nachoswithcocoa your very welcome I'm glad you enjoyed Wang Sushi.....keep trying different things on the large menu that's the fun of dining there for sure there are so many choices to satisfy everyone. My friends all go there all the time also and love it !

          2. I've been debating whether or not to write this review.. because I really do love this place! But.. that's what this board is about.. right? And most likely they were just having an off day.... anyway, here goes.

            For mother's day dinner I was going to surprise my mom with her 2 fave dishes from Wang Sushi - Basil Fried Chicken and Salt & Pepper Shrimp. (2nd part of surprise was my brother returning home from training in GA for 3 mos but thats another story..). She got off work at 530 and because I live in Lakewood I called around 4:40p to place my order.

            From my phone number they knew my name.. (it wasn't Chef Ryan or his wife who answered). I ordered 2 orders of Basil Fried Chicken.. 1 Pad Thai Shrimp not spicy, 1 Pad Thai Chicken Spicy, Vietnamese Spring Roll and Salt & Pepper Shrimp. The dude repeats it back to me.. and then goes "Oh, what? OH.. Um, yeah we don't have anymore Basil Fried Chicken.."
            WHAAAAAAAT?!?! So.. theres 20 seconds of silence and I say "Ok give me chicken satay instead". I don't know much about running a restaurant .. but I couldn't help but think "the food is so fresh here, HOW could they run out of chicken? Why not just make more?" (perhaps an ignoramus way of thinking though considering all the prep time it could take).

            Around 5:03 I walk into Wang Sushi. There's a couple sitting down eating and it looks like behind the counter was a few to go bags. As soon as Chef Ryan sees me he greets me by name (I love that! :D ) and apologizes .. but they don't have any Salt & Pepper Shrimp!!!!!!! At this point I guess my mouth dropped because he said "Oh.. you're the one who ordered the basil chicken too.. right?" :-( YES! Honestly, since those were the 2 dishes my mom has been craving .. and they were out of both.. I would've went somewhere else (being that it was mom's day and all). Also - they repeated my phone number back to me when I first called so I was a little upset they didn't CALL ME to tell me they were out of the Salt & Pepper Shrimp.. at the time I could've made the decision to order something else in its place or just can the whole Wang Sushi idea altogether. I mean, the whole point of calling ahead is so you don't have to go there and wait.. right?

            I look at my watch.. knowing my mom will be home around 6 and it'll take me about 20 minutes to get home.. I took the chance and ordered her another dish. A quick skim over the menu and I decided to go with the Seafood Nest (minus squid). Meanwhile 2 other girls came in and another couple who were waiting for their food.

            I take a seat and start waiting. There's a sushi chef nonstop making sushi in the usual sushi chef spot.. and the young (kind and friendly) boy who is usually there (delivery guy maybe?) is on the phone taking more orders and Chef Ryan went to the back.

            To make the story short(ish) both sets of call ahead new take out customers that came in waited a REALLY long time and you could tell they were getting agitated. The couple that was sitting down had ordered tons of sushi rolls and tea.. they were given the wrong tea. By 5:30 everyone was satisfied and on their way.. except me. I'm a little angry.. but I can clearly see that they're super busy... I did see a few different people come out from behind the counter a few times (Ryan's wife, mother(?!) and another chef guy) so that gave me hope that there's more people in the back cooking besides Ryan! By 5:45 I figured it's time to see whats up.

            I stand up and KINDLY ask the other delivery boy (busboy? he was one I've never seen before.. tall blonde hair (in case he sees this sorry dude, I have no shame and you were super rude..) and he was helping put finishing touches on sushi rolls and answering phones. Anyway - I said "do you know how much longer for this order?" and I hand him my receipt. He says "oh yeah, um.. hmm.. I'm sure not much more longer probably another 5 or 10 minues.." so I say ok, thanks and I think I let out a little sigh.. He goes back to finishing sushi and a minute later says "Food can only cook so fast, you know!" :-O WHAT!???!?!?!?!? Was he kidding me? I don't think he was cuz he said it with a completely straight face and not in a haha hehe joking manner. I snapped back "I understand this but I placed my order over an HOUR AGO!" If I hadn't already paid I would have definitely walked out.

            So now the phone rings again.. and RUDEBOY answers. Apparently a dish was forgotten in one of the take out orders that just went out.. "Oh we forgot it? Oh well yeah um.. we're busy and where do you live? Oh yeah uh we could probably deliver it but thats like, uh, like the total uh, like opposite of where we're delivering too.. so uh, yeah I dunno.. may be a long, uh time.. cuz we have to uh make it and stuff... oh.. or yeah uh like maybe next time you come we can like uh hook you up or something!" (I'm being so detailed so the WONDERFUL and extremely kind Chef Ryan knows what kind of customer service lacking knucklehead he hired).

            So finally Chef Ryan appears again and the rudeboy says "uh how much longer for .." and Ryan cuts him off and looks at me and says its coming right out..

            5 minutes later he appears with the Seafood Nest and apologizes quite a few times and says he put in extra seafood since I waited so long. He also said to give regards to my mom and family (that was nice..) but... STILL!

            So by the time I got back to Lakewood around 6:25.. of course the original food I ordered was no longer hot.. Usually the food does stay hot all the way to Lakewood.. but this time only the Seafood nest was hot. :( We made due with the soggyish spring rolls (which usually are amazingly crisp!), the lukewarm pad thai, the cold satay.. and everyone overall enjoyed the food.

            It was just such a HUGE disappointment.. I understand for the most part Chef Ryan is running the place on his own.. but I don't know. I hate to say it, but I think it may be a very long while til I return.

            If you're thinking of trying this place and haven't yet.. I say GO FOR IT! I've been here maybe 15 or more times since December and never had a problem.. Every visit has been super pleasant... (and delicious!!) I think they were just having an off day.. and really I don't blame any of it on Chef Ryan as its obvious why he hired extra hands.. Anyway.. yeah. That's all. Sorry so long.. just needed to vent my frustration and disappointment. :-(

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              Wang Sushi has always been Excellent for us & we go at least once or twice a week & will surly continue to do so....but I wouldn't go out to eat on Mothers day anywhere due to all the crowds & confusion in all these places.....instead.we had a wonderful home cooked Italian style meal with Mom. Wang Sushi is getting more & more popular every day as the word spreads. I'll agree Chef Ryan needs to hire some professional servers instead of a bunch of inexperienced kids/delivery boys.

              1. re: Tapas52

                It sounds like you are saying it was the poster's fault, because she chose to treat her Mother with food on Mother's day? "but I wouldn't go out to eat on Mothers day anywhere due to all the crowds & confusion in all these places" Or the place is gettingtoo popular they can't keep up? Or it was the the one rude contact (of many she mentioned) fault?

                nachoes chose her Mom's favorite place to trust with her order. That is the fact. No matter how much you "love" the place, and make many mentions of that, it still failed to deliver on many points.

            2. Mother's Day or not, based on the litany of problems, sounds like a small business owner needs to take care of a very loyal customer with a free meal or at least free basil chicken dish to compensate for all of the frustration and wasted time.

              Random Side Notes:
              1. Really enjoyed Wang Sushi - wish it was closer to my home.

              2. In general, whenever a restaurant fails to meet expectations temper emotion with hope that in life may this be the worst problem I have!

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              1. re: shabbystorm

                I'll go with the percentages......I personally have Never had a bad meal at Wang Sushi....yes the service could be a bit more professional due to an untrained wait staff ...but the food outweighs that big time there.....to read a bad experience on the busiest restaurant day of the year doesn't change anything for me it actually confirms my past bad times at restaurants on holidays which I have now ceased to venture out on these days instead cooking at home with family is so much better & peaceful... ....I was sorry to hear about the problems stated.....but honestly I am not surprised being it was a holiday.

                1. re: Tapas52

                  We had dinner at Wang Asian Fusion restaurant again the other day....and were pleasantly surprised at the NEW Updated Menu and a colorful lighting decor that Chef Ryan has done. Many new dishes. I had the Thai garlic shrimp which was excellent,Vietnamese Summer rolls, Taiwan Basil fried chicken,Chinese BBQ boneless pork w/special homemade sauce, and a few New Sushi rolls that were added also. We enjoyed our meal very much, there is so much to choose from.
                  Chef Ryan offered us a very pretty unusual cut complimentary fresh orange desert to end our meal. Still one of my 5 favorite restaurants!

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    Oh wow, they have an even more extensive menu? The website hasn't been updated yet, right? Because it still looks like the same stuff..

                    Anyway. I'm making my grand return to Wang Sushi since my mother's day fiasco.. sometime this week or next. I wasn't soley staying away because of that though.. just haven't been out in TR much. Just had surgery though and am superly craving the Taiwan Basil Fried Chicken!!! Can't wait to check out the new menu too! Thanks for the heads up.

                    1. re: nachoswithcocoa

                      Yes Chef Ryan has added new & removed old items from the menu...we always enjoy Wang's....enjoy!

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        I just recieved an email from Wang Sushi...they now have a New Updated menu.......


              2. Any Recent reviews, pretty much everything here is old by a year or so.

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                  New menu at Wang Sushi Asian fusion restaurant.

                  Wang Sushi
                  203 Route 37 E, Toms River, NJ 08753