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Aug 9, 2008 01:25 PM

Anniversary Trip

My wife and I are coming to town next Thursday for a long weekend. Our flight gets in around 8PM and we are staying in Chelsea. We would like to find a good restaurant with good atmosphere that we can pop in around 9 or so. I would appreciate any recommendations around Chelsea or nearby areas.

Also, would love any recomendations on what to do in the City. We have been several times and have seen all of the major attractions. Any lesser known activities?


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  1. What kind of cuisine do you like, what's your price range,and what do you consider a good atmosphere? Romantic, bustling, modern?

    1. Chowhound has a very narrow mission--where to find deliciousness. General travel planning questions, like what else to do while visiting a town, are off topic for our boards. Please keep your replies focused on helping the poster find great chow, as such replies will be removed.

      Happy Anniversary!

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        I apologize to "the team". We will be rolling into town a little late so we really are just looking for a good spot to grab a good meal and a few drinks and shake off the traveling "cobwebs". No price limit. Sushi, mediterranean, tapas, etc.. around Chelsea/Village and we'll be cool and the gang.


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          9-10 PM actually isn't all that late by Manhattan standards! :) Lots of places in the area that you can walk into...where in Chelsea are you staying? It's a pretty large neighborhood.

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            Glad to hear you expand the geography to include the Village.

            I highly, highly recommend Perilla at 9 Jones Street in the West Village.

            Quiet, lovely room. Inventive and delicious food. Great service. I've eaten there 4 or 5 times and have never had anything but a lovely time.


            9 Jones Street, New York, NY 10014