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Aug 9, 2008 12:33 PM

Barack Obama, Hawaii Chowhound

Obama is on vacation in Hawaii and this was part of his brief speech to the home town crowd:

I'm going to get a plate lunch. I might go to Zippy's. I might go to Rainbow Drive-In. I haven't decided yet. Get some Zip Min. I'm going to go get some shave ice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. " I might go to Zippy's. I might go to Rainbow Drive-In. I haven't decided yet."
          i have to laugh!

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          1. re: alkapal

            As someone who has never visited Hawaii, I don't know what you're laughing at.

              1. re: alkapal

                I guess I'm a little slow. I'm still missing it.

                I googled both places and they both look like pretty darn good local fast food fare.

                Is there something about Zippy's or Rainbow that would make it a slam dunk decision or is your comment an editorial view of Obama choosing between them? He did grow up in Hawaii so I'm guessing he's familiar with both places.

                1. re: chicgail

                  I was amused by the quote too. Can't speak for what alkapal finds amusing, but for me, it was just something about imagining a presidential candidate debating out loud, doing the "maybe this maybe that," about local fast food joints in the place where he used to live. Funny as in charming and just-folks. Sort of like if I went back home out east and wandered about thinking "hmmm...maybe I'll get me a spiedy...or I might go buy a Tastykake...haven't decided yet."

                  1. re: clepro


                    It might be something I'd say with the family on an off-moment, but hardly a public statement. It must be touch to have microphones and cameras in your face all the time.

                    1. re: clepro

                      I'm guessing what alkapal finds amusing is that Rainbow Drive-In is a one of a kind locals favorite, popular with surfers, office and blue collar workers. Zippy's is a local chain with sit down and take out dining, serving more expensive, very mediocre food IMO. However to be fair Zippy's is usually my in-laws first stop whenever they visit from Oregon. But for me there is no choice, Rainbow's wins everytime.

                      1. re: curiousgeo

                        Funny quote and I guess it sounds a lot better and appealing to the masses then Hard to decide between Le Mer and Alan Wongs.

                        Zippy's reminds me of the islands version of Denneys. Could really go for some loco moco or one of their pies.

                      2. re: clepro

                        I think alkapal, though I could be wrong, was referencing the flip-flopping criticism he's been getting lately. Although curiousgeo's theory is interesting.

                        It's cute at any rate. Though did any of you see the segment on what Phelps eats on any given day? Insane.

                  2. re: chicgail

                    IMO, I think the fun in his statement is what he is really saying to his island people. Read between the lines and and it might sound like, "Hô boy! It good' fo' be back. So much Ono Local Kine Grinz. Zippy's, Rainbow -- hey, I dono wot I do first?"

                    It is like the feeling you get when hearing John Denver's song, "Country Road." Maybe mo betta to check out the way Bruddah Iz sing da song below.

                    Bruddah Iz sing it -- Good fo' be back. White san', clean watah. Hô boy! Eating fish stright from the sea.

                    This is making me hungry for some bacon fried rice.


                2. The original comment has been removed