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Aug 9, 2008 11:38 AM

Will I like french?


I'm 20-24 years old, I've been living in Montreal for 17-21 years and I have to confess: I have never set foot in a french restaurant.

I was wondering if it would be something that I would like. Considering the high prices and the fact that I have no idea how to drink/taste wine, is it going to be worth my money? If I can't understand how complex wine tasting is, will I be able to grasp the supposedly super refined cuisine? Hell, I'm not even sure what exactly is french cuisine aside from the fact that most people consider it haute cuisine.

Could someone recommend me a good french restaurant for a french newbie? I wouldn't want something like a chain restaurant and also preferably a place where the waiters won't go rude if I don't order wine. I could make up excuses, but I would rather feel comfortable where I pay for a service.

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  1. ...You're 20-24 years old and have lived here for 17-21 years??

    Try the neighborhood bistro places, like p'tit plateau or 5ieme peche. Both are BYOW, so if you don't bring wine, you'll have absolutely no reason to feel weird about not drinking it.

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      According to the Au Cinquième Péché website, they are fully licensed, not BYOW.

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        French food is like any other style of cuisine. One can enjoy simple fresh ingredients prepared properly or complex multi course gourmet meals. If you have lived in Montreal and eaten a slice of baguette with brie you have eaten french food. If you have sampled farm fresh green beans (haricots vert) steamed with a dollop of butter and salt and pepper you have eaten french food. Like anything else, once you get over the intimidation factor you will come to appreciate the simplicity of it ( which is the genius of it) I suggest you start with a picinic with some inexpensive libation procured at SAQ and some cheese, pate, bread. All these ingredients are easily procured at jean talon or Atwater market. Discover what you like and what you think pairs well together. Expand your taste buds, creativity and voila you will become an individual who is rarely intimidated. Remember that suggestions of what goes well together is somebodys opinion ( or many peoples) but food should be based on your individual tastes. Some will follow trends others will create. Good luck

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