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Aug 9, 2008 11:05 AM

FREESTONE PEACHES...Are they available now?

Time to make Peach Jam but so far have not seen the Ontario 'freestone' peaches...has anyone seen them in Toronto stores? It might be too early for them but there seems to be a huge amount of 'regular' peaches available all over the City. Anyone know/seen them?

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  1. We know there will be none in the future! In recent months, neither the Federal Government nor/and the Provincial Government could help save the last canning plant in the Niagara area. With that plant lost, the farmers were out in the fields bulldozing their Peach Trees with speed. So with canned peaches out of the picture, fresh peaches are on a similar road, --- until we will have no Ontario peaches!!!

    1. I don't know if they were advertised as Freestone, but I got some peaches at the St Lawrence North market last week-end and they come right off the stone. It was at one of the outdoor vendors along Jarvis.

      1. Yes, freestone peaches are now on sale in Ontario. I have a basket of them in the 'fridge right now; picked up at Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesday,

        1. Picked up a basket of them at the NYCC farmers market on Thursday.


          1. So with the farmers all getting out of peaches, are there any farms that still sell "seconds" from the farms? We are heading down to Niagara in a couple of weeks and would be looking for some peaches to can and make jam.