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Aug 9, 2008 09:20 AM

Taco Diner Highland Park, TX (Dallas) [Something similar in KC?]

Not sure that many people from KC have been to Taco Diner in Highland Park, TX (a suburb of Dallas), but if you get the chance, you need to go. I was there in April and I'm still thinking of it.

Simple, fresh, super tasty asada tacos with a terrific asortment of salsas and relishes. Is there anything in KC like it? One of the guys I was with suggested the Mi Cocina is similar, but to me it's only in aesthetics.

If someone can suggest something like this place in KC, PLEASE DO!

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  1. I hate to tell you but no. You're not going to find really good mexican food in Kansas City. I am a Texan, born in Houston, college in Waco, 14 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    After 3 years in Kansas City, I can tell you there isn't good mexican food here. I've learned to ask when someone tells me that they've found a good mexican place here to ask them where they are from. If they are not from either Texas or California then don't pay attention, they have no idea what they are talking about.

    Mi Cocina is good for what they do. The only store outside of Dallas is in the Plaza in KC. They do what I call a nuevo-mexican. It's consistent with that they do in the DFW area... it doesn't satisfy my tex-mex craving.

    There is a place called Tienda Casa Paloma on metcalf that is a mexican market that does make tacos... not nearly as good as what you can find in Texas but pretty good for Kansas City.

    1. Well, based on Shel27's posting, I'll guess I have to start with bona fides -- I lived in San Antonio and Austin for 10 years and I am married to a Texan-born and Texan-bred Mexican-American from San Antonio. You might want to consider changing the title on the posting to get more KC traffic -- right now it looks like it's looking for info on Dallas.

      There is excellent Mexican food in Kansas City. I guess I would want to start by asking where you've tried already and what in particular you are looking for that you haven't found already. Also, are you looking for more of a nice sit-down restaurant or more of a taco stand? If Taco Diner was in Highland Park, I assume it was more the former than the latter. Right off the bat, I would recommend three restaurants on SW Blvd -- El Pueblito, El Patron, and Poco's. A drive down Central Avenue in DT KCK or Kansas Avenue in Armordale KCK will also turn up a huge number of more taco stand-type restaurants.