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Aug 9, 2008 08:28 AM

How to create a swirl effect on a cheesecake?

(Possibly a strange question, but please humour me...)

I'm planning to make a white chocolate cheesecake and have enough raspberries to make some kind of raspberry sauce to drizzle over the top.

My question is, how to create a pretty swirl effect on the top of it? (See pictures).

Am I better off just drizzling? Rather than trying to swirl it in and making a mess?

Or should I forget sauce altogether and just put the fresh raspberries on top?

All advice gratefully received!

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  1. those decorative swirls are typically achieved by pouring the sauce onto the cake in lines/rows, and then VERY gently "dragging" the tip of a knife through to "pull"/distribute the sauce into a pattern.

    1. Hello Dolly!

      I hope I am not too late.

      Your best bet would be to add a layer of cream on top then swirl the sauce using a cocktail stick or the back of a teaspoon. I have squinted at that second picture - and I can just see a layer on top of the original cake.