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Aug 8, 2008 08:43 PM

What to do with Ostrich Eggs? [moved from Manhattan board]

Three huge-as-small melons Ostrich eggs in the produce section at Whole Foods Westport, CT but at $40. No one there had any suggestions how to cook-serve them or could give a clue as to the taste. I suspect local restaurants would be the only takers. How would a chowhound prepare an ostrich egg? It looks as if it would serve 6-8.

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  1. I think you actually need a saw to whack it open, which is the reason why I didn't get it (but I am really intrigued!).

    I think it can served 10 people or even more! I heard it just tasted like normal hen eggs.

    1. if you google it,there is ample accurate info they are fun

      1. A friend brought me one as a housewarming gift recently - we wound up trying out Gordon Ramsay's scrambled egg technique, and it was absolutely delicious, though not notably different from chicken eggs.
        Supposedly, one ostrich egg is the equivalent of somewhere around 20-22 chicken eggs, and that one egg provided hefty servings for me and 4 friends, which seems about right.

        1. Wow the price has really gone up since I posted a similar inquiry last March. I keep thinking of one giant deviled egg.

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            Yes, actually when I first saw it at Whole Foods in July 2008 (This post was actually split from my original post), the ostrich egg was $29.99. Yesterday it was $39.99.

          2. I have debated buying ostrich eggs to make the largest Scotch egg ever. Deep-fried ostrich eggs beat deep-fried turkey any day!

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                Thank you. That picture brought tears to my eyes!

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                  That was a GREAT blog entry!!! Thanks a ton for sharing that. I Scotch Egg from and Ostrich egg... You gotta love it.