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Aug 9, 2008 06:21 AM

Yummy Italian in Malibu

Last night I went to the Friday night wine shindig at Semler wine in Kanan. Sat on the grass and had a glass of harmless Rose. Summer Friday nights at this place are magical (especially if you sneak in your own good wine).

Afterward, we flew down to PCH and had dinner at the Sage Room on the corner of Kanan and PCH. I brought a bottle of Bella Luna 06 Barbera that was outstanding, but better yet was the food! This little place is amazing. You can get appetizer sized pastas; we had a heavenly gnocchi in vodka cream sauce and papparedelle wtih wild mushrooms and truffle oil that was incredible. The green pea soup is light and delicious. Their specials menu included everything from a lamb bourginone (sp?) to trout. We opted for a tried and true pollo marsala, which came with a lump of deliciously spiked creamed yams. The place is tiny and local. Really fantastic.

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  1. I clicked on the link thinking you were looking for yummy Italian in Malibu, and I was going to direct you to the Sage room (just recommended it yesterday on these boards) :0) I think that and Bui are the two best restaurants in Malibu!

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      I actually don't care for Sushi Bui at all....but you can't argue with an Angeleno's love of a sushi bar -- that much I've learned about this city. :)

    2. This place is really great! One of my favorites in Malibu. Their ravioli is amazing.