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cheap cheap preteen party westchester

I would like to have a Bat Mitzvah party for my daughter's friends later this year.
We need to find LOW LOW budget. It will be @ 75 people, as she is starting a new school and I'd like to invite the whole grade.
My brilliant idea of the eldorado diner Party room(on broadway in tarrytown) went over horridly with her.
She exclaimed- mom, I know our budget is limited, but I'm worried about my reputation, I can't say to come to my bat mitz. party at a diner.
I understand, although my creativity imagined turning the , actually nice room, into a beautiful, teen paradise. I also figured, the 12pp they were going to charge me, would give me allot of budget to play with for music, etc.
Now I'm stuck.
Her new school is in Katonah, so anywhere between hastings, and katonah is good.
I am familiar with many of the often used party places(hotels, etc.) and they are all @ 40.00 pp.
Too expensive for us.
I am very creative with turning an ugly room into something terrific.
Is there an answer to this?
@ 20.00pp?

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  1. Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville has a private party room & they will arrange a party, but I can't picture it in my head to remember if it's large enough for 75 people... I guess you could call and ask. http://www.jean-jacques.com/location.htm

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      thanks,I spoke to them and their recommended bronxville property was 79.00 pp for a kids party- yuk! I'll keep trying.

    2. Southbound Barbeque in Valhalla might be worth a look. I know they do a lot of parties in-house. If they can meet your budget requirement, it might be a fun & unique preteen party!


      1. UNO Chicago Grill in White Plains?

        1. My first post is not showing. Look into Uno Chicago Grill in White Plains. Also perhaps you should consider ethnic restaurants, like mexican, chinese or indian although pre-teens are fussy. I am not that familiar with the area you are talking about to recommend any specific restaurant though. Perhaps you can rent a space and bring in a caterer/food? That might open it up to more less expensive options. Hope this helps.

          1. have you thought about a catered bbq in your backyard? Great American BBQ company I think is reasonable pp rate but havent priced it in a while

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              yard too small.
              funny- i recommended GABBQ many times on chowhound- I think they're great also!
              Maybe in a bigger house some day!

            2. There's a place in Hastings, opposite the train station. I forgot what it's called--upstairs there is a large party space. There is a big kitchen for the caterer. Plenty of room for a DJ (or a band) and dancing. If I have time I'll drive by later and let you know the name of it. When is your party? Have you found anything else yet?

              1. P.S. A very good caterer is Ed Fava. His number is 845-477-8102. I believe he would work with your budget.

                1. Hi there! I just wanted to suggest Sole Luna in Pleasantville - very good Italian food and they have a party room in the back.

                  1. This may be really off the mark but we did the same thing for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah a number of years ago and we used Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains. I was able to pick a menu of just appetizers and it worked out really well. The kid's had a great time. I actually rented a school bus from Katonah Lewisboro SD and brought all the kids to Sam's so the parents only had to drive once to WP to pick them up. {Daughter graduated from John Jay}