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Aug 9, 2008 02:05 AM


The FASCATI brothers on Henry Street have closed their wonderful Pizza Parlor and gone off to Italy for a month, as they do every year.

We usually call and order and pick up, as delivery arrives mushy, steaming in the cardboard Pizza box as it does. But that is the same with all Pizza delivery.

Is any other place as good? We like Grimaldi's, but the lines are ridiculous. IMO no food is worth waiting an hour or more standing on line.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Fleur, I'm surprised.
    CH/CG foodie that you are, you should know about:

    Sam's, old timer with renewed popularity
    Lucali, newcomer with 99% positive reviews
    and the sleeper of the year, Marco Polo to go.

    Marco Polo to go is 3 blocks from Fascati and I say, is superior.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      I have no quibble with your taste in pizza, just your geography! Marco Polo is over a mile from Fascati--MP on Court & Union, Fascati on Henry north of Clark. So, I'm guessing that no matter how close the quality, the convenience factor could be an issue for someone living in the North Heights.

      My only suggestion in that area (albeit not so close either) is My Little Pizzeria on Court between State & Atlantic.

      1. re: Marion Morgenthal

        Oops! My bad.
        I was confusing Fascati with the place on Henry and Union- 3 blocks from Marco Polo to go.

        Apologies, Fleur.

    2. Queen on court, pies only, don't think they deliver, I forget.


      My Little P as mentioned already

      I believe Fatoosh is still making pizza on hicks by Atlantic - a nice alternative in all aspects...

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      1. re: fkerm

        Check out Franny's or Lucali's, I absolutely love their pizza!

        Sam's is an old standby too...

        1. re: Ruby5510

          Ruby, read the thread and don't made the mistake I did. Fleur wants pizza close to her home. The ones that you and I have suggested are pretty far from her.

          1. re: Larry Brooks

            Thanks Larry, but we don't mind driving to pick it up. It is just that I have always found FASCATI to be the best, and they make the Pizza exactly the way we like it, light on the cheese.

        2. re: fkerm

          How are Queen's pies? Are they brick oven, traditional round pies, squares?

          1. re: MShapiro

            I assume you mean the pizzeria and not the restaurant.If its Queen pizzeria, I believe they closed years ago, no?

          2. re: fkerm

            QUEEN used to have great Pizza, but then they stopped making it. I'm glad to hear they are back.

            1. re: Fleur

              my mistake, I was not aware they had stopped making pizza, the online menu I found does not suggest pizza, obviously i haven't been there in a while.


              1. re: fkerm

                QUEEN made great Pizza many years ago and stopped. I don't know if they make Pizza now.

          3. I agree about Grimaldi's, but you can call in and place an order. you don't have to wait on line to pick it up, and they usually tell you how long it will be.