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Aug 9, 2008 01:58 AM


I have been to TAZZA on Clark Street three times . The first visit, for coffee and a scone was very nice. The second for a Panini and coffee was OK.

The third time we really struck out! We were three for an early dinner before a meeting this week. I am so sorry I suggested TAZZA. Everyone was disappointed,discontent, and a bit miffed.

The service was terrible. Very slow . We gave ourselves an hour and a half, but even with all that time, we were almost late to our meeting, only a few short blocks away.

The waitress and waiter were not trained, and barely spoke English. I don't see why this type of Cafe needs waiter service at all, especially if there is not enough help to cover the number of tables efficiently. Quite a few people got up and walked out after waiting too long without being served.

The food was very mediocre. The sandwiches and grilled Panini were overpriced and disappointing. Heavy, oily, and sloppily thrown together. The coffee was, however, excellent. The desserts were satisfactory. A nice Brownie, and a not too sweet Carrot Cake were pretty good, but not exceptional.

If the owners don't want to go the way of the previous tenants of this jinxed spot, they should really shape up. Staying open late, until 10pm doesn't make sense in our neighborhood. If the Menu doesn't have real dinner items, why would people go there at night?

The decor and atmosphere have no charm whatsoever. When the place is empty, the ambiance is rather cold and foreboding. Another nagative was the music.... loud and awful. Sounds bouncing off all those hard surfaces is really unpleasant to the ear.

One of the reasons we really like Clark Corner right next door is the classical music, with Opera Live from the Met on Saturday. Did you all know they make their Belgian Waffles with special flour from Belgium They are really delicious, especially extra crispy with fresh Strawberries and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

The delicious coffee at TAZZA is certainly a plus, miles above Starbucks with its paper cups, but the food and service really need work.I hope they are up to it, because I think the place has possibilities.

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  1. I have only gotten coffee and pastries to go at Tazza. Their iced coffee is decent, but they only offer one (small-ish) size, which is a drawback, and some of the "baristas" use WAY too much milk. Glad to hear their hot coffee is good -- I'll switch over to that in the fall. I'm still curious to try the paninis -- maybe take-out is the best option though.

    1. Fleur,
      Seems you feel very strongly about your Tazza experience, as you posted a similar post only two days ago on an earlier Tazza thread. I have been going to the Henry Street location a number of years and been very happy. And since Clark Street opened, have been a number of times (this morning) and also been happy.
      Although I have found the cappuccino to be sometimes better than others it is generally good and the American coffee very good. The pastries are fresh and well presented. The sandwiches and salads are made with quality produce, cheeses and meats, and though not cheap, priced fairly.
      In my experience the help is friendly and courteous, and yes some are foreign born as in most places in NYC but, I’ve never had a problem with communication. I also find that they are very receptive if you have a problem or an opinion about the food.
      You should introduce yourself to the women that own the place. They live in the neighborhood and are y very open and friendly.

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      1. re: savoryhash

        My experience has been the same. When Nancy, the owner, is on the premises, it is an entirely different experience. I hope they realize how important it is for one of them to be present at all times to supervise.

        I have been back since, just for a Latte and Scone with a girlfriend.

        The coffee in all forms is far above average, sometimes downright excellent. I still find $8 or $9 for a sandwich to be excessive and overpriced for the neighborhood..

      2. I had my first experience at the Clark Street Tazza this morning. Here's the rundown:

        -- 9:15 AM on a Monday... surprisingly dead quiet. Only 1 or 2 other tables occupied.

        -- There was a "please wait to be seated" sign at the front. After a few minutes a waitress came up and told us that we could sit anywhere and that before 11 AM you could just seat yourself. This was a little odd.

        -- I got my usual -- the oatmeal with fruit and raisins. It was essentially the same as the Henry Street location -- maybe a little runnier. My friend got a latte and a cinnamon bun. I assume her latte was good -- she ordered a second one.

        -- The spread of bread and pastries is somewhat larger than Henry Street. They also have all the baguettes that they had on Henry -- a great convenience for those in the North heights who are looking for a great baguette and don't want to go down to Almondine.

        -- The place, as I suspected from the street, is a little large and cavernous. I think it would help if the chairs and tables were not all the same and so clunky looking -- maybe all mismatched like Tea Lounge would work.

        -- The space looks as if it will be LOUD if all the tables were taken. They're gonna have to add some sound-absorbing materials.

        -- The Eastern European-looking fellow who's usually at Henry Street was there on Clark Street today. Hopefully he'll be a good substitute for Nancy when she can't be there.

        That's it. Despite all my criticisms above, I'm glad Tazza came to Clark Street, I encourage people to patronize it, and I hope they gets better and better!


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