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Aug 8, 2008 08:34 PM



So our trip itinerary may be changing from 3 nights in San Fran to 3 nights in Tiburon. We've eaten at Sam's Anchor Cafe many times in the past almost 20 years and are wondering how things are since they reopened after the fire. Also, any other recs for best places to eat in Tiburon? We might also hop over to Sausalito, so recs for there are also appreciated. Views are great, but great food at reasonable prices is the main goal! (B, L and Dinner!)


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  1. On the way to Sausalito taking the MV-Stinson Beach turnoff there's Frantoio (dinner only), great for a drink and a pizza or dinner if the menu looks good. In Sausalito there's Fish. for a casual lunch on one of their picnic tables (weather permitting) or Sushi Ran off the beaten path a bit (on Caledonia) for terrific Japanese food. Lots more you'll be hearing about. Have fun and enjoy your Marin stay!

    1. Will you have a car?

      A really nice Marinc County blog called 'Anna's Cool Finds' has lots of Marin county reviews with photos. . Click on the Tiberon and Sausalito links

      Here's a list of what is in the Places Database

      Cottage Eatery is a Salvadoran/Mexican place that has had lots of good mentions. I haven't tried it yet but it is high on my list

      Sweden House is still there. Haven't been there is a while. Other than the princess cake, the food is average, but I always liked sitting on the deck for breakfast.

      Guyamas from what I have read is a way over-priced and under-flavored restaurant, the main feature is the view.

      You can change the search critera in the Places link to Sausalito.

      One place that is new, great, but not really cheap is Murray Circle. A breakfast buffet is served daily from 7-10 the big feature are the baked goods, especially the croissants which are the best I've ever had. It also has a nice bar menu that isn't too pricy. The nice thing is to sit outside on the veranda watching the boats on the bay.

      I had some wonderful old-fashioned American pie at an small mom and pop Indian restaurant in Sausalito called Sartaj India Cafe . They have some interesting breakfasts.

      Fish is very good. It is very casual with picnic tables outside overlooking a marina. However it is pricy and only takes cash.

      Le Garage is new and I want to try it based on some very positive mentions around the web.

      If you have a car, let me know how far you want to drive and I'll offer some suggestions for nearby towns. Hope you report back, wherever you wind up.

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        Thanks so much! I read great things about cottage and plan to go there for sure! Le Garage is on the list too. Guyamas was one we did years ago and vowed never to repeat that mistake! No one has mentioned anything about Sam's since the fire/reopening. Have you heard anything?

        We will have a car and don't have real set plans. So ANY recs for areas within driving distance are appreciated. I plan to certainly post my experiences when I get back from the trip. Thanks again to all who have helped!

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          >Cottage Eatery is a Salvadoran/Mexican place<

          Nope. Cottage Eatery is in the location of Virapan's Tiburon Thai, the next to present incarnation of that location. Cottage Eatery's food is as described in other posts here (I've never eaten there, just seen it). The Salvadoran/Mexican place nearby is Poncho's Casa Manana at 110 Main St. I've liked it the few times I've been there.

        2. Buckeye Roadhouse.

          Buckeye Roadhouse
          15 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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            I was going to suggest Buckeye Roadhouse too. Their specialty is smoked stuff, so if you like that, make sure to order something smoked there.
            It's a bit hard to find even though you can see it from the freeway. It's on the exit/entrance.

            1. re: Kim Cooper

              You did with a nice report under place, although you didn't mention if you also passed on the valet tip. ;-)

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                Thank you. We seem to eat at Buckeye whenever we are in Marin.
                We intended to pass on the tip, but there was no one else there at the time -- it was mid-afternoon if I remember correctly. We kinda hung around a bit to see if someone would appear, but no one did.

          2. Hi,
            I'm a local and I think Cottage Eatery is very good. It's not at all Salvadoran/Mexican as another responder said, but instead, very California, very fresh well executed food. I think it's excellent and it got a great review recently in the Chronicle. I love Picco in Larkspur. Their Pizzeria open for lunch and dinner on the weekends is thin crusted and fabulous. The Picco Restaurant is open for dinner every night and it's creative, eclectic and delicious. Fish, Sushi Ran, as well as Poggio in Sausalito are also first rate. Sam's is still the same. If you liked it then, you'd like it now.

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