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Aug 8, 2008 08:27 PM

Tempeh Recipes

I'd love some recipes on how to prepare Tempeh. I just began eating it and LOVE it. Not many places offer it on their menu, and I'm a novice cook... so I'd like some simple, healthy ideas on how to prepare it. Thanks so much!

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    1. The Tempeh Cookbook by Dorothy Bates has been a great help to me... Got it on ebay at a steal price. I've found some of great recipes from it, plus helpful tips for the uninitiated.

      1. My all time favorite Tempeh meal was a Tempeh Berger. Tempeh was marinated with
        soy sauce and sauteed, topped with darkly caramelized onion and cheese, and served
        on a sesame bun.

        1. Thanks everyone for your help! This is great!

          1. I love tempe!!! It's a staple in my hometown. My favorite though *cough* actually to fry it and eat it like chips (slice it thin, and either fry it as is, or coat it with light spiced up batter). DELICIOUS!! My aunt make croquette out of tempeh - mashed it up, add spices, green onions, chilies, and some mashed potatoes as binding agent. Either fry or bake it.