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Tempeh Recipes

I'd love some recipes on how to prepare Tempeh. I just began eating it and LOVE it. Not many places offer it on their menu, and I'm a novice cook... so I'd like some simple, healthy ideas on how to prepare it. Thanks so much!

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    1. The Tempeh Cookbook by Dorothy Bates has been a great help to me... Got it on ebay at a steal price. I've found some of great recipes from it, plus helpful tips for the uninitiated.

      1. My all time favorite Tempeh meal was a Tempeh Berger. Tempeh was marinated with
        soy sauce and sauteed, topped with darkly caramelized onion and cheese, and served
        on a sesame bun.

        1. Thanks everyone for your help! This is great!

          1. I love tempe!!! It's a staple in my hometown. My favorite though *cough* actually to fry it and eat it like chips (slice it thin, and either fry it as is, or coat it with light spiced up batter). DELICIOUS!! My aunt make croquette out of tempeh - mashed it up, add spices, green onions, chilies, and some mashed potatoes as binding agent. Either fry or bake it.

            1. Classic tempeh goreng (at least, in my family):
              Make 1 cm thick slices. Marinate in rice wine vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, chili. Deep fry!

              1. Tempeh is tasty when fried. Slice it into about ten pieces, then fry in olive oil over medium-high heat. Salt it in the pan when you turn it over, and then salt the other side when you finish frying. It should be golden brown and crispy. You can dip it like chicken fingers in whatever sauce you like (sweet and sour, blue cheese, etc.). You could also mix it with buffalo sauce to make hot tempeh fingers.

                Tempeh is good in a mock cubano. Use a good quality roll or decent french or sour dough bread. Spread one slice with dijon and the other with chipotle mayo. (I just mix Hellman's with a minced canned chipotle pepper, some adobo sauce from the can, and a crushed garlic clove.) Add some dill pickles, the fried tempeh and some provolone cheese. Very lightly butter the outside of the roll, and cook with a heavy pan on top until melty and nice and brown on both sides.

                Tempeh piccata with mushrooms is also tasty. Fry tempeh and set aside. Slice button or cremini mushrooms and saute in olive oil until nicely browned. Salt to taste and remove from pan. Add a little more oil and a couple of minced garlic cloves and cook for a minute or two. Add capers to taste, about two tablespoons, along with about 1/2 cup white wine. Reduce wine by about half, and then about 1/2 cup veggie stock. Add tempeh and mushrooms and heat through, and then add the juice of a lemon, or to taste (not too much!) You could also add some canned or cooked frozen artichoke hearts if you want. Add a couple of tablespoons of butter or a vegan margarine like Earth Balance and stir to blend. We like it mixed with penne pasta, but it would be good with mashed potatoes and a green veggie like broccoli as well.

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                    I made this tonight and it was so good! I even used my George Foreman grill for the tempeh! YUM. Thanks for the suggestion!

                  2. There's a restaurant here in Iowa City that makes a Tempeh Chorizo. Wish I could get anywhere close to how good that tastes....

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                      Make your own - buy a box of vital wheat gluten, follow the instructions on the back of the box and add choizo spices. I occationally add silken tofu to the mixture as well. Change the spices for italian 'sausages' or 'chicken' patties.

                    2. I recently made a "tempeh taco salad" that was very good. I crumbled the tempeh into small pieces and sauteed it in olive oil with diced red bell pepper until it was golden and crispy, adding some diced garlic toward the end. Then I added some taco seasoning and a big scoop of salsa and cooked until everything was hot. I served it on top of mixed greens with some extra salsa. If I had avocado, cheese, or sour cream those would have made a great addition!

                      1. There is a health food restaurant in So. Cal. that offers a dish of Tempeh Picatta that I just love.
                        I think it is the basic recipe for Chicken piccata, except the protein/"meat" in the dish is pads of tempeh, not breaded. It is served with rustic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

                        Here's a sample recipe for Lemon Piccata sauce http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gi...