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Aug 8, 2008 08:23 PM

La Pizza Fresca vs. Una Pizza Napoletana

Couldn't get into UPN as he's going on vacation for a month (to Italy?) next week, so tried the "other" Vera Pizza Napoletana-La Pizza Fresca on 20th. I found Fresca's pizza to be virtually indistinguishable from UPN. Given the wine and beer selection, the beautiful atmosphere,service and the choice of toppings (I had mine with proscuitto di Parma), I'd have to give the decision in the VPN battle to LPF over UPN on a tko.

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  1. La Pizza Fresca is excellent -- not mentioned nearly enough on Chowhound.

    1. gg,
      thanks for the tip. lpf is now on the stack.

      1. I find LPF much less consistent than UPN. They've changed pizzaiolo a bunch of times over the years (the original one opened Ottimo, which also made quite good Neapolitan pizza, though I haven't been there in ages) and it doesn't seem always to be the same person on duty. (I believe they've even changed owners at least once.) Needless to say, the fact that if Mangieri isn't there UPN doesn't open makes a big difference.

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          I've been a regular at LPF for years and outside of Naples, there are few authentic practitioners of the art of Neapolitan pizza. In NYC, LPF is the best for me and UPN is authentic too. By the way, LPF has had the same pizzaiolo since they opened and the ownership at has been the same too according to the restaurant. I remember their first chef, the Neapolitan guy who opened his own place, but he never made pizza at LPF and I don't know if he even does pizza at his restaurant.

          1. re: mrfreeze

            He definitely does make pizza at Ottimo, and I believe he made the pizza at La Pizza Fresca, too. Well, I stand corrected if you're an expert on the personnel there, but I still give an edge to UPN.