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Organic Restaurant Needed

I need to find a place that serves good organic food -- West L.A., Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, that area.

I'm not looking for anything too exotic. It should be a place where people who don't care about organic would be comfortable. And it should be nice enough for a nice, social dinner, not fast food.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Akasha in Culver City would be a good choice.

    9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

      1. I should add that by organic, I don't mean just vegan or vegetarian. Aren't there places that serve organic beef?

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          As New Trial suggests above, you have a good answer for your query in Akasha.


        2. Le Pain Quotidien is mostly organic. They have branches in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.


          1. not on that side of town, but figaro on vermont totally fits that bill

            1. I think M Cafe de Chaya is pretty laid back, and offers some good choices. I don't remember if they have beef, but I know they serve fish so they're not vegetarian/vegan.

              M Cafe de Chaya
              9433 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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                M Cafe doesn't serve beef, and it's really not the spot for a nice, social dinner -- it's a casual cafe, where you order at the counter. It's good though! Same with Le Pain Quotidien -- not a dinner place, more a place to grab a sandwich or breakfast.
                What about Axe in Venice?

              2. I have yet to check it out myself so I cannot personally vouch for the place, but there is the new Organic Panificio in Marina del Rey. The concept is fine dining natural and organic foods, including meat and organic wines, with a view of the marina. If you go, please report back!


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                  OP in marina is good! I am a organic snob an there burger rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  hugo's in weho is killer also

                2. this is east side, but I love Puran's. there is on on La Brea just south of Beverly and one on Hillhurst in Los Feliz.

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                    I second Puran's on Hillhurst, tho it's been a while since I went there. I remember liking it a lot and wishing I lived closer.

                  2. I believe Cheebo's on Sunset Blvd. (close to Gardner) has an all-organic menu. It's mostly casual fare -- salads, sandwiches, pizza -- and pretty tasty.

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                        Has Akasha http://www.akasharestaurant.com/ opened up a second location in Santa Monica? They have their restaurant in Culver City, but I hadn't heard anything about another one in Santa Monica.

                        9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

                    1. Kiyokawa is actually organic, and I've really enjoyed my meals there.

                      1. Pizza Fusion, Sunset Blvd and Hayworth is great. They have entrees as well as delicious pizza. Organic beer and wine.