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Aug 8, 2008 08:00 PM



Just moved from Uptown to Mandeville (keeping Uptown pad, partially)

Need food recs. Mostly PIZZA.

I know Sal and Judy's well. Wonder-bar. I know La Provence, Keith Young's Steakhouse...

Please give me recs! All and any...takeout??? Chinese??? good bar food??? PIZZA though I need far Pizza Roma awful and Coscino's is so-so.

Italian?? Po-boys??? LET ME HAVE IT!!!!!!

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  1. Get in the car and slog it into Covington. Pizza Man, a place that has been open for 20 something years, is easily the best on the Northshore and probably the best in South La. It is made, and always has been, mostly, by the owner. It's a tremendously good pie. Also, take cash (lots of it, Paul doesn't give the stuff away), as they only take cash and checks.

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      thank you hadacol!

      had pizzaman tonight for the first time. I finally have my pizza place. i walked in and dean martin singing "ain't that a kick in the head" came on the juke. it was like soemthing outta a movie. the window where you can watch the pizza's being made is cool as well. the pizza itself? INCREDIBLE. oh my. i cannot wait to go again but the place is so surreal that i will eat there instead of taking out. what a score. thank you again. pizzaman rules!!!!!!

    2. Mandeville:
      Cafe Lynn, Juniper, Louie and the Red-Head Lady, Rip's Seafood, Nuvolari, Trey Yuen

      Del Porto, Dakota, Etoile, Mattina Bella

      Coffee's Boiling Pot (seafood), Morton's

      1. Broken Egg for breakfast -Mandeville pricey but good
        There is a little chinese place - in Lacombe - strip center but excellent chinese food

        1. good recs so far.. glad you found Pizza Man--our favorite, too. Let me add to those Rip's on the Lakefront in Mandeville is pretty good, especially when the weather's not too hot and you can sit outside on the porch and watch the sun go down on the lake... Sesame Inn on North Causeway, also good Chinese takeout (we like it better than Trey Yuen for most).. Thai Flavor or Thai Spice (across the street from each other on Hwy 190 in Covington owned by siblings).. Bear's next to Coscino's.. .. LOVE Del Porto in Covington and at lunch it's a great value as well!