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Aug 8, 2008 07:46 PM

The Real New Orleans Style Restaurant

Are you from Louisiana and get homesick? Are you from anywhere else and just curious about the real thing? Head here--you won't be sorry. It is out of the way, but just go.


I had heard about this place for a few months now and been meaning to try it. An entire congregation ended up in Round Mountain/Marble Falls following Katrina and cooked a thank you meal for the community. Everyone liked it so much, they suggested a restaurant opening.

I drove an hour from Austin to get out here tonight and my god, it was so completely worth it. In the middle of nowhere, almost attached to a Shell gas station, more than unpretentious because they just don't need to be. The food here is exactly what I grew up eating in Louisiana and it was perfect.

When I first tasted the gumbo, I almost shed a tear. Not from the spice (which is considerable and wonderful) but from the absolute happiness and nostalgia that it evoked. It was great, dark and spicy with chicken, shrimp, and sausage.

For my dinner, I got a plate of red beans and rice with smoked sausage and a side of fried okra. These red beans were exactly what I spent every Monday eating. The consistency was great and the flavor was outstanding. The sausage, sliced in half and grilled before being laid over the beans, was smoky and flavorful.

The okra was hot and light, not much batter and super fresh.

My girlfriend got a fried shrimp poboy and was happy as hell about it. The shrimp were perfectly battered and well seasoned. The bread was good, but she was disappointed that it wasn't completely traditional. However, we understand that it's quite the task to get Riesling's french bread from Louisiana, so she decided to forgive them.

We each got an order of bread pudding for dessert and had plenty to bring home. It was rich and warm, with a sweet sauce that tasted almost like pralines. A good substitute for bourbon or whiskey sauce which wasn't expected from a restaurant run as part of a ministry.

Brilliant, fantastic, so completely worth the drive. We chatted with our waitress and compared Katrina stories and they were thrilled to hear that we were from Slidell. We're going to be eating there at least once a month. I can't wait to try their roast beef poboy.

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  1. MyySharona. My my my ey yei woo !!

    I am so there. Probably will have to be next weekend though, but a few Q's before I make the trek:

    1) do they even have a roast boeuf poboy ? (dudn't seem to be on the menu)

    2) any sense on what the etouffe or smotha'd chops were like ?

    I can see myself ordering the red beans, some gumbo, and something else, but with a lone stomach one has gotta be smart with the orders. The grilled and fried grub looks tempting too, but if I'm driving out that way I will probably want to order with some strategery.


    PS. I have heard good things about Sambet's, but you and others are leading me to think it's not worth a stop (especially if a stop has to sacrifice Asia Cafe).

    PPS. I hope waaaay more LAn's tell us where their faves are. I've been junkyin' for some of that grub, and getting ready to just make plans to head there soon for my fix.

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    1. re: Nab

      You're singing my song! :P

      They DO have a roast beef poboy and I was having a long conversation with our waitress about it . . . how the places I've tried here don't use the right gravy or put cheese on it and she basically said "Honey, they're all crazy. Don't you worry about that next time you come here." So I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing. On their menu online, the poboys are on the last page, after the lunch specials.

      The etouffe is probably good, but that's just based on how they treated their red beans and gumbo. Word to the wise: the gumbo was really peppery. I don't happen to mind it, but it is spicy. If you're not into that sort of thing, be careful. I stole some bread from my g/f's poboy to dunk in the sauce, which was also fantastic. I love any reason to sop. If you asked, I bet they would bring you some bread along with your gumbo.

      Again, based on the quality of the roux in the gumbo, I'm placing good bets on the gravy for the smothered chops. If you go, please let us know what you get and how you like it.

      PS: Really, don't even bother with Sambet's. I might go there go fetch some tasso but otherwise . . gack.

      PPS: I forgot to mention that the red beans are quite obviously cooked long and slow with hamhock, as there were bits of shredded ham throughout the beans. This only added to the flavor along with the sausage. Also served with a piece of cornbread (more sopping!).

      1. re: MyySharona

        thanks for the info. i'm gonna have to try this place. i've been lookin for some good beans&rice. from the pics on their site the beans looked nice and slow cooked. and that's what i use to eat on monday's too, at the river shack in metairie. and it'll be nice to find another nice dark roux gumbo.

        i just went to ms b's on e 11th and had their etouffee. it had a dark roux with good flavor. i like gumbo and etouffee that are pretty basic. meaning i like it to get it's flavor from the roux, the trinity cooked down, the meats you decide to use and a few seasonings. and that's the way they make em at ms b's. i don't really like it when they start throwing in all other veggies. my girlfriend had some enchilada special they had that day that came with beans & rice. the enchilada's were fantastic but i did not care for the beans. i'm gonna go back and try their smothered pork chops and fried chicken.

    2. Where o, where is it specifically relative to Marble Falls. I've got a lake house there and there is no CHOW anywhere close. I'm stoked.

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      1. re: J.R.

        From my travelled past along 281...Round Mountain is south of Marble Falls and north of Johnson City.

        1. re: J.R.

          Round mountain is south of Marble Falls and North of Johnson City...about halfway between both