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Aug 8, 2008 06:27 PM

The ever popular steak in MKE

My sweetie and self are overnighting in Milwaukee next week, downtown. She has tracked down lodging. I am responsible for finding dinner. I asked her for guidance. She murmured, 'steakkk' (which is only one of her good qualities).

With that in mind, I have found these candidates:

Butch's (either location-is one a better choice?)

Coeper's/Five O'Clock (opinions seem to vary wildly)

Mason Street Grill

Eddie Martini's

I've been finding opinions, but many are kinda venerable, so fresh recommendations are welcome, as are additional suggestions. We are also open to things that are wonderful and unique to Milwaukee, though I figure that they probably do a good steak in that town.

Thanks, 'hounds!

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  1. What is your transportation situation? It only matters because your first three choices are walking distance or a very short cab ride (in the case of Coerper's) from the downtown hotels. Eddie Martini's is much further west. If you have a car, it wont make much difference.

    All of these places will give you an excellent steak, but opinions on all do find all the extremes. Coerper's is excellent as long as you are not in a hurry to get anyplace else. It's hard to explain; it's not bad service at all, it's just very laid back. Almost New Orleans laid back.

    I have never had a bad meal at Eddie Martini's, and frequently recommend it to others, but it is not at all near downtown (although not difficult to find).

    I have no experience with Mason Street Grill, but have heard decent things about it.

    But finally, If I were choosing, I would pick Butch's Old Casino as the best of the downtown steak houses, even over the Clock location.

    1. Those all are great choices. Another" steak place" would be Carnevor, 724 N. Milwaukee St.," is a cavernous, dark and very trendy and modern restaurant which features a menu filled with carnivorous entrées and an equally substantial wine and specialty drink list for the nightlife see-and-be-seen crowd." taken from a recent review from onmilwaukee.
      Here is their site:
      Although not a steak place, The Hinterland Gastropub, has steak options on their menu. It is an eclectic place, kind of an urban lodge chic. The menu is varied and unique. The service in our experience has been impeccable, servers are very knowledgeable and helpful. We haven't had a miss on anything on the menu. They also have a good wine list. Here is their site:

      1. Thank you both!
        We will be mobile, since we are driving in. I may try to suss out my companion's sensibilities a bit more-if she is leaning more casual (but still steakward), p'raps the Old Casino. If more time-warp, mebbe the Five O'Clock. If away from steak, could be that the Hinterland might fill the bill.

        thanks, as always, for the tips.

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          Make sure you check out this thread, where I have spent substantial time windbagging on my favorite subject:

          For me the bottom line is Mason Street Grille, Bacchus, and Eddie Martini's, in that order. Location is an issue as only the first two are downtown. I would seriously advise against Carnevor for a couple different reasons, unless you feel compelled to be fashionable against good gastronomic sense. It's shockingly expensive, the food is good but not spectacular, and the waitstaff is unnecessarily (and inauthentically) snobby.