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Aug 8, 2008 06:07 PM

cheese plate

Who has the best cheese plate in Austin?? Going tomorrow. I have had Wink, Cru, Fino, Hotel San Jose and Blue Dahlia. The last two are my favorite. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. My current favorite is the cheese plate at Primizie. It includes a little pot of local honey, lots of fruit, and generous portions of interesting cheeses.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the plate at Taste, too. It includes some interesting accompaniments, like candied shallots and pickled rhubarb.

    1. OK, maybe not the best cheese plate I have ever had, but I think the best little side things to the cheese plate, was at the wine bar Taste on Second and Cesar Chavez: http://www.tasteselectwines.com/

      It was candied something that drove me so crazy, had never had it candied before. Fennel, maybe? I don't think it was shallots as prior reviewer said...? Also, the desserts were first class. This place felt a fine dining notch above most of what I've found in Austin.

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        i totally agree with you on taste's cheese plate. the cheese selections themselves were really "safe", but the "house special accents" complemented the cheeses very well... had it a while ago, so can't remember what the "candied something" was...

        i also like the manchego and chevre offerings at cork & co. personally was gonna try out vino vino's cheese plate next, but think i'll add blue dahlia onto my list now as well...

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          i'm all about Blue Dahlia's. it's a good value, and while it doesn't have any weird accompaniments, it's solid. fruit, olives, great fresh bread. couple of nuts maybe. be sure to ask for the spreads too: marmalade, jam, and Nutella. and get one of the mini bottles of sparkling wine to go with it - yum!

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            haven't tried out blue dahlia yet, since their cheese plate selection (brie, blue, cheddar, goat, provolone) looks too "safe" to me. sorry, i really like different cheeses, not just standard stuff you can get at HEB... go ahead, call me a cheese snob... :)

            recently tried out cheese selections at Mulberry and Paggi House though. MOST Excellent i must say!

            Mulberry has a rotating cheese selection, but i got introduced to fourme d'ambert there (best blue cheese EVER!). i Highly recommend Mulberry for their eclectic wine and cheese selections, they know what they're doing.

            Paggi House had the most extensive 'unsafe' cheese plate i've seen in austin, so i was in total bliss. not sure if this one rotates, but the plate offered small portions of the following: Crotin Chevre, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Le’ Explorator, Pappillion Brie, Humboldt Fog, Idiazabal and Forme d’ Ambert . this gives you the full spectrum of cheeses (soft, hard, blue, goat, smoked, etc) and i liked every single one of them.

      2. I think I've had them every where in town at this point! So far, my top is San Jose. I had one at Uncorked a couple of weeks ago, and it was good, but the cheeses were sliced. I'd rather have hunks and slice it myself. I did like the honey that they put with it though.

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          I had the one at Uncorked too. Very solid, not spectacular -- just want to note than none of our cheeses were sliced. This was last week.

        2. We sampled some nice cheeses at the Sunset Valley Farmers market and the cheese maker told us that their cheeses were being featured at Cipollina. I haven't been but thought it may be of interest. I'm sorry I don't have an opinion to offer of what exactly is served.


          1. My vote is for Enoteca Vespaio on South Congress, good variety of cheeses, honeys and nuts like candied pistachios. I can't recommend everything there, (the paninis are horribly greasy and I've had some less than fabulous pasta dishes there) but the Sunday brunch items and cheese plate bring me back from time to time.