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Aug 8, 2008 04:55 PM


I arrived in Miami from San Franscisco early this year and have enjoyed the dining scene for the most part. I am lookig for recomendations as I have eaten at most of the big name restaurants. Here is what I think so for- Talula is my favorite- even their Miami Spice last weekend was interesting and solid-the service and wine list make going to Talula mindless. Michy's small plate options are good and since I live in Morningside- it is convenient. Andiamo is really good too- for pizza, no one even comes close. I enjoyed this little Italian restaurant up North Miami as well called Il Migliore- great Italian food. Some turn offs that I will not dwell on are Bartong and Prime 112- they are expensive and busy- although for gimmicks - Barton delivers. I have yet to hit the Coral Gables and would love some suggestions. In the mean time I have reservations again at Talula- but tonight it is Andiamo and the Olymics. Glad my carreer brought us here.

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  1. Ortanique on the Mile, Pascals on Ponce, La Cofradia, Por Fin, and Palme d'Or.

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      And Mama Lila's, though it's not participating in Miami Spice.

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        Talula is an excellent restaurant. Palme'D Or is kind of like having West Palm Beach in Miami (atmosphere-wise). I think you'd like Ortanique b/c nuevo latino fusion feels like it belongs in miami (also could try OLA--miami beach, or Cacao in the Gables) Por Fin is quite nice -- their romesco sauce is incredible, and the eggs.

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      1. What did you not like at Prime. Saying Prime is not good and Barton delivers is an unusual stance to say the least, especially when you compare dishes directly. For example, the onion soup and mac & cheese at p112 is quite a bit better than the ones at Barton. Also, barton's mac is 2.5 times the price of primes for no reason....

        Tuscan always has a good spice menu, I hear spectacular things about Burbon steakhouse's.

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          I think the OP comment pointed to "gimmicks", i.e. - popcorn shrimp = shrimp in a popcorn box. I dont dislike P112, but I dont think its that great either, at least not the steaks. I like the apps there best.

          Joe Foodie - I also recommend Francesco in Coral Gables as well as Cita's Italian Chophouse, George's, and Jaguar in Coconut Grove. In South Miami, Matsuri, and Origin are my favorites. Enjoy exploring this city's chow.

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            Thanks- Jaguar is a nice restaurant with solid food- I have been there before (when I get to the Grove) I enjoy it very much- the little enchiladas are awsome. I met the chef Oscar- he is a real nice guy who delivers great food. I tried to get into Francesco one night but couldn't it was booked solid. When I get to the Gables again- I will try to get a table. Thanks again

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            Neither the food at Prime or Barton impress me- I will give the edge to Prime, however- for fun food - Barton- I really don't go to them anyway- the crowds are bigger than most restaurants (I don't know why) -they are ridiculously priced. I did have the truffle mac & cheese and the tuna tartar at Prime- I don't need to go back for either of them. The bone in filet was excellent- however it was way too expensive and 50% bone- I tried it because I was there, but would not order it again at any restaurant. I guess Prime112 is just not for me.

          3. Talula does a good job with Spice, with the added bonus that they usually change up the menu every week.

            You've gotten some good CG recs here, though the Mama Lila's suggestion sticks out like a sore thumb - I went about 8 blocks out of my way for this place and regretted it.