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Aug 8, 2008 04:08 PM

Good butcher near Harwich Port, Cape Cod?

Do you have any recommendations for a good butcher in the Harwich, Harwich Port and Chatham area, or at least for a good supermarket meat department? We know where to go for farmstand produce and fresh seafood, but are lost when it comes to meat. Many thanks.

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  1. You might try Ferretti's Market in Brewster, on the corner of Underpass Road and Route 137. Not too far from Harwichport if you travel up 137 from Rt. 28. The butchers are the family owners of the market. Good meats and can accommodate requests.

    1. I think the best meat counter is at Petersen's Market, Rte 6A in Yarmouthport. A bit of a trek from Hport, but probably worth a trip if you're buying a significant amount of meat. They do a good job if you're looking for a special cut, like extra thick sirloins, or completely trimmed chateaubriand. They carry Bell & Evens chicken, fresh ground round and sirloin, marinated tips in several versions, storemade sausage, and more. No veal chops though. It's kind of like Ferretti's on steroids.

      1. Ditto for Ferretti's Market, 501 Underpass Road, Brewster, (508) 896-8991... they will even marinate you selection for you.

        1. Dennis Public Market on Rt 6A in Dennis Village is terrific. All kinds of beef, in-house ground beef (and pork and veal), house-made sausages, B&E chicken and more.
          Used to be owned by the same family as Peterson's Market below but has since gone on their own. Also beer, wine, small produce section and grocery.

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            Actually, it was Petersen's that changed hands. DPM has had the same family owners for many, many years, and yes, it's meat dept. is virtually the same as can be found down 6A at Petersen's.