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Aug 8, 2008 03:55 PM

Vegetarian takes Vegas

Hi there! What are some vegetarian (not vegan or indian please) restaurants in Vegas that aren't too pricey? Also, on a sidenote, best vegetarian buffet choices? ONE more thing, best place for a group to eat (preferably with some veggie options)? Thanks!!

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  1. We have had some good experiences at Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian - creative salads, usually a few meatless pastas on the menu, and their vegetable dishes are also on the hearty side, which can make for some nice wine pairings. It would suit a group well (their "Verdure Grande" platter certainly works on that front). Some of them use a little meat for seasoning, so specify that you want them purely vegetarian. Komol (Thai), in Commercial Center, might have the most vegetarian options of anywhere we have found. The atmosphere is nothing special but they treat vegetarian food with a lot of passion. But note that on their spice scale, hot means HOT.

    1. Is seafood or dairy off limits? I have lived here for nine years and do not know of any vegetarian restaurants (and my sister is a vegetarian). A good number of the hotels have menus on their websites. There are some restaurats off the Strip that have some vegetarian dishes; however, unless you have a car, it can bee expensive.