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Aug 8, 2008 03:02 PM

Toronto staple food?

Hey Everyone,

Almost every major city seems to have a certain food or meal that is distinct to its city. I can't seem to name anything for Toronto.

I know Toronto has a lot of ethnicities that have their own food culture but can anyone name ONE type of food I should have if I was traveling to Toronto? Something I must have when I'm in Toronto.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Here's a recent discussion about Toronto's Signature Dish. As you'll see, there's no real agreement here.

    1. A similar question regarding Toronto's signature dish or food came up recently, and a lot of suggestions were made, although it seemed that generally, there was no consensus apart from the fact that Toronto is quite diverse in what it does:

      Edit: Ooops! Looks like Yongeman beat me to posting while I was typing out my comment :-).

      1. I know there is no consensus but my personal preference would be. 1)The Only in Toronto Peameal Bacon Sandwich from the St Lawrence market. 2) Sushi pizza 3) The butter chicken Roti 4) Veal and eggplant sandwich. Now this short list is disputable and MANY will disagree with me but when I used to be a tourist to this city this is what I enjoyed.

        1. It's gotta be the humble hotdog.

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            Toronto's street dogs are known for being grilled, cured pork/beef sausages, served on a yellow bun, with a wide variety of condiments, including corn relish, bacon bits, tomatoes, green relish, mustard, ketchup, grated cheese, pepper flakes, etc., so that you can load up on a $3. snack.
            For a peameal bacon sandwich, you have to go indoors, since it is cooked from raw.

            1. re: KayceeK

              Humble indeed - and generic. The Nanny State only permits one type of street food, that lowly dawg, although a limited, tightly-controlled experiment with others is being worked out for the Fall. It is an interesting social commentary on both the political and food culture of Toronto - perhaps of Canada in general - that citizens accept this uber-regulation so supinely. It makes New Yorkers and the residents of sophisticated cities laugh !

            2. There's no such thing. Plenty of great food, but nothing unique to T.O.